September 28, 2021

Celtic captain Colm McGregor urged fans to remember Odson Edwards for their goals.

It was a small thing to forget – and one column, McGregor, hopes that Odson Edward was not missed.

Of Celtic The captain doesn’t want to look after French Eddie. Rangers their derby defeat.

Odson Edwards remembers sitting in an ibrooks.


Odson Edwards remembers sitting in an ibrooks.Credit: SNS

But if it takes the final shape for the striker. Hoops Then McGregor thinks the club’s supporters should think about goals and glory – not miss Sunday.

Edward’s shin did nothing to increase his value or reputation, as he approached the exit door before the transfer window closed.

But McGregor said: “Hopefully we can keep him, he’s one of the great people.
“He scored big goals for us – derby goals, cup final goals.

“If he’s gone, I hope everyone remembers him in a good light. But we want to keep him clear.

Column McGregor was followed by Ryan Kent.


Column McGregor was followed by Ryan Kent.Credit: SNS

Edward’s lack of the first half at Aborcas was too much for Celtic.

It is always important to take the lead in derby games and it was a great opportunity for them.

Even after going in front of Gers, Kyogo could have scored a point late after pushing Farhoshi in the middle.

McGregor added: “We had opportunities in the game. Kyogo has one chance. He pulls the other when he can get a shot.

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Edward was left to fend for himself.


Edward was left to fend for himself.Credit: SNS

“So we are moving in the right direction to come and create opportunities and dominate the ball.

“We miss the target in the set play, so it’s enough for us to build and that’s what we have to do.

“We are a relatively young team, so we have to learn from that.

“You are always disappointed to lose a derby match, but I think we showed enough in the game that we can win it or at least get a draw.

“We have to learn from this experience. You dominate the ball and play well enough to win, but in the end you lose on a set piece and it hurts.

“But there’s a lot of football to play, three more derbies coming up in the league, so we have a chance to fix that.”

Full-time CalMac with Robbie McCrory.


Full-time CalMac with Robbie McCrory.Credit: SNS

McGregor insisted that no one in Celtic would reach the panic button.

He said: “When you lose this fixture there is always a panic button and everyone jumps on it.

“But six weeks ago, where we are now, there has been a lot of progress and we can’t lose our focus.

“We will let everyone else talk. They can increase it as much as they want, but the only way we can improve is if we stay calm, listen to the manager and keep up the good work.”

“If you do well, you usually get results. We just have to stay calm.”

Given the behind-the-scenes issues, Rangers will see it as a statement victory.

McGregor said: “It’s definitely positive from their point of view. They won.

“But for us, I think there’s a lot more to it.”

Acknowledging a goal in a set play is becoming a familiar story for Celtics.

McGregor admitted: “It’s a disappointing factor. The game is tough, both teams have chances and you lose it on a set play. It’s really disappointing.

“You can try and sort and deal with it, but ultimately, when the ball comes into the box, someone needs to clean it up. We’ll get frustrated and learn from it.”

“We have to try to end last season. It’s a different team, different managers, different players.

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“We have to try to write our story and we have to try to be better every time we play, so that when we get to those moments we are strong.

“Ultimately, we have to learn from these experiences if we want to grow and improve as a team.

Rangers started the second half very well. They like to grow taller. He countered the other balls and turned it into a little scrap.

“We didn’t get the ball at all and the way we passed it in the first half. To their credit, they changed it and saw a problem there.

“Once they get to the goal, it fills us up with a little bit of stuff.

“But then we ended the game firmly with a couple of chances.

“When we are in these moments, we have to be strong, stand up and try and turn the game in your favor.”

McGregor vowed that Celtic would be even stronger when they face Rangers in January.

“If we stay calm, we will learn and put into practice what our managers want us to do,” he said.

“If we buy and believe that this is the way to play, we can cause trouble to other teams.

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“We have to take it positively. It’s a long time for the next derby.

“There are a lot of games to come, including some big European games that we can learn from.

“It’s a challenge for us to keep improving every day in training.

“Then, when we get into these games, to make sure we get to the right conclusion.”

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