October 18, 2021

Celtic band at the center of the canceled ‘Rebel Disco’ at Livingston Stadium claim that the organizers removed the gag over the threats.

The Celtic band at the center of the controversial canceled Jig and ‘Rebel Disco’ at Livingston Stadium has claimed that the organizers told them the event was being canceled due to threats they received.

Charlie and Boise claim that the e-mail message from Events and Marketing Manager Ellis Press to Organizers Food Cracks states that things are getting to the point where we find threats to our businesses, premises, staff and customers. Have been

Tony Macroni Arena in Livingston.


Tony Macroni Arena in Livingston.
The poster promised a 'rebel disco'


The poster promised a ‘rebel disco’

The band points to the finger on the call. Rangers Followers Forum Followers for Gears fans to sink the organizers and other interested parties with complaints.

An official statement issued by Food Creations yesterday said the event, scheduled for November 12 at the Almond Well Suite, “Due to response to complaints and concerns” was canceled.

Charlie and the Boys market themselves as an award-winning Irish / Celtic band that has been on the road for more than 30 years, whose music has previously been played on Parkhead’s PA system.

But he has previously been accused of violating anti-sectarian laws by singing IRA anthems.

A statement was read on Food Creations’ Facebook page yesterday: “Until we started receiving emails and concerns about the event, we were unaware of the band’s background, which is why we canceled the event. And retrieve posts directly from your page. “

Livingston. Captain Marvin Bartley, who is also SFA’s Equality and Diversity Advisor, said the West Lutheran Club “has a strong position on equality and there is no room for discrimination on our premises.” ۔

But the band insists it is not a supporter of the IRA and says it was canceled when the Dyn Hunt began at the Rangers Fans Forum.

He said: “The venue mistakenly advertised a rebel disco about which we had no knowledge and we would not allow it.

“Our events are Celtic support functions without any sectarianism or prejudice.

“Sectarianism and bigotry come from those who are against any Celtic or Irish.

“In the past, the venue had Celtic and Rangers nights without any hassle. It would have been no different.”

The email message, seen by Scottish Sun, reads: “We never expected this reaction but I agree that the poster should have been put in word of mouth and different words but My boss made the same request that we are now facing.

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“We have decided to cancel the gig ourselves because it is now overshadowing the football club and the rest of our business because our coverage is in their fields which people are not happy with even though we are completely separated from the club and We have our own venue for private events.

“I personally apologize again if this has affected you in any way because it was not our intention at all. So we never expected that kind of reaction when we host events for everyone.

“As much as it is for us and everyone who has already bought tickets, we think the only option is to cancel because it is now reaching a point where we are receiving threats to our business, premises, staff and customers. The risk of not being able to take it. “

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