September 19, 2021

Celebrity SAS viewers burst into tears as Kerry Katuna wept over the death of her ex-husband George Key.

Carrie Catona burst into tears at celebrity SAS tonight as she contemplated the death of her ex-husband, George Key.

The 40-year-old girl was dragged in front of Ant Middleton and DS as they looked at her troubled past.

Carrie Catona revived her past on tonight's celebrity SAS.


Carrie Catona revived her past on tonight’s celebrity SAS.
George Key died in 2019 from an overdose of cocaine.


George Key died in 2019 from an overdose of cocaine.Credit: Instagram

Former rugby player George died in 2019 at the age of 39 after being bitten by a cocaine ball and suffering a fatal stroke.

Her three-year marriage to Kerry was marred by physical abuse, which she says made her feel “useless.”

Speaking on the show, he said: “There were a lot of mixed feelings when George died. I was very angry. How dare you die. Put me and the kids in this whole affair and then you Die.

“I had to tell my five-year-old son that his father had died. I had to explain it to a child. As he was, he was still his father.”

It was difficult to see the spectators and rallied behind Kerry.

One wrote on Twitter: “Making me a mother-in-law sees you on a mother-in-law who dares to win! You’re an inspiration to so many Carrie’s I wish you could see it !! You’re so bloody proud!”

Another posted: “I really want Carrie Katuna to win. My heart goes out to her.”

A third said: “Poor Kerry! She’s clearly doing a lot.”

Speaking before the show, Kerry said it was like “therapy” and it helped with grief.

Kerry and George met as teenagers, but began dating in 2012 after colliding in Warrington.

During their three-year marriage, they had a daughter, Dylan George, and George became a stepfather to his wife’s four children.

In October 2015, former nuclear kitten singer Kerry announced his separation, alleging that he was attacked by a one-time Warrington wolf wing.

The healing process

Speaking before the start of the Celebrity SAS series, Kerry said: “I’ve had a lot of closures while doing the show.

“I wanted to prove to everyone – that I turned my life around.

“I’ve been through hell many times and I thought why not give it another go.”

“I wanted the kids to be proud too. But in fact, the show gave me the best treatment of my life.

It stopped me.

“It was one of the best and worst shows I’ve ever had.

“The subsequent care has been exceptional. I’ve been on a long journey and SAS wasn’t the beginning of my recovery. I’ve been at the beginning for a few years now.

“I think SAS was the top of the rehabilitation. It shut me down and made me realize who I am and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.”

Kerry with her ex-husband George Key


Kerry with her ex-husband George KeyCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Famous SAS star Carrie Katuna in agony after a brutal tear gas challenge.

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