September 23, 2021

Celebrating Family: The third generation makes the 53rd Big Tussle track. News

An interracial adventure takes place on the last weekend of August each year when the Big Tussle Track runs from Cologne County’s Farmer’s Valley to Paris.

Now among third-generation passengers, the traveling antique car show passes through Big Tussle, south of Bonham, where 53 years ago the first group of Dallasites stopped their cars to rest and pick up a moon pie and an RC Cola. Usually the hottest day of the year, as set by The Farmers Tragic in 1968.

Although the old general store is just a shell, and the city’s population has dwindled to maybe three or four inhabitants, the group stops there every year for refreshments while the Big Tussle Cheerleaders group joins in some crazy fun. Take away The elders made it many years ago.

“It’s a way to become a chair leader, where about 150 passengers gather to spend the night after a banquet at the Heritage Hall,” Nicole Gambolos said Saturday afternoon from the hospitality room at the Holiday Inn Express. Couldn’t be a leader, but my mother-in-law. “

She talked about Sandy Gambolos, one of Big Tussle’s original passengers, her father-in-law, Charlie Hernandez, 93, and her husband, Charlie Hernandez Jr., who made his maiden voyage to Utrecht 43 years ago. , His son, 4-year-old Charles Hernandez II, and his father, Warren Wagner.

“There are many third-generation trekkers on this journey,” said Nicole Gambolos of more than 150 people who visited 83 antique cars this year, some 1931 Chevrolet and 1939 Buck. “Families enjoy traveling, and many invite their friends to join them, so we always have newcomers.”

Traveling with her father, Nicole Gambolos met her husband on the track in 2014, and they were married a week before the 2015 trip. She works as a wagon master, and she takes care of most of the arrangements and a memorabilia booklet that includes directions from one city to another, mentioning menus along the way and places of interest in the cities where they stop. ۔

This year’s stops include a morning stop in Bonham, a rebuilt courthouse, a big tussle for fun, a honeymoon for a catered lunch and a visit to the Lamar County Historical Museum before the banquet at Heritage Hall in Paris. The group returned to Ladonia on Sunday morning, where they were treated to watermelons before returning from breakfast with farmers in the city center.


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