October 18, 2021

Catherine McAven Foundation: Alex McLeish is doing charity work close to her heart.

Farmer Scotland Manager Alex McLeish has become an ambassador for a charity close to his heart.

The legendary athlete, manager and pundit has a close family relationship with the Catherine McAven Foundation, a Crown and Colitis charity, as her sons June and Jamie suffer from.

He said: “I know the McAven family very well so it’s great to be invited on board.

“I will definitely make the foundation one of my priorities and I will do my best to help this charity.

“I’ve won a lot of awards in my career, not just a bad football career, winning medals and things, but it’s with the things that mean it to me. It’s anything in my working life. Is as important as

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“It means more than anything and it’s something I would give everything at 100 absolutely.

“It’s a great Scottish charity for the Scottish people that I love. It’s an amazing organization.”

Alex and his wife Jill first saw what it was like to live with disease when their sons came out of the blue.

And his impressive fight over circumstances, and later fundraising efforts, inspired Alex to join the foundation.

Alex added: “June was the first victim, then Jamie; it didn’t seem to come from anywhere and they fought with him. I could see when they went to see us or we met them. How horrible it was.

“It was painful for Jill and me as parents to see our sons go through this. When you see them in pain, you also feel the emotion and the pain.”

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