October 18, 2021

Carol Wardenman stunned in all black clothes as she watched James Bond’s No Time to Die for a cinema trip.

Carol Werderman has seen the pulses race in a black dress and has seen leggings for a movie tour.

The former Countdown co-host told fans on her social media that she was going to see the new James Bond film No Time to Die on Sunday.

Carol wore black to see James Bond in the cinema.


Carol wore black to see James Bond in the cinema.Credit: Instagram
The star is known for her beauty on social media.


The star is known for her beauty on social media.Credit: Wooders / Instagram

Carol, 60, shared a snapshot of her sexy all-black outfit on Twitter, showing off her leggings.

The trousers featured a chunky cut-out mesh design, showing off the skin of her thighs – as she tapped her waist with a black belt.

Carol finalized her look with a baggy black jumper, choosing minimal make-up and letting her long black hair fall below her chest.

“Today I’m trying to separate the cupboards,” he explained in the caption. “They ended up in old mesh leggings. Went to see Mr. Bond.”

Despite her insistence that she look “bushy”, fans immediately started commenting on Carol’s fashionable outfit.

“Can you please help me in my closet, Carol! You always look amazing,” wrote one, as one second said: “This is a great dress to look at Bond!”

It comes just days after Carroll showed off the structure in a blouse for the Virtual Awards show, which has once again raced with pulses.

The former countdown star is known for her clever posts, and is cheering fans with her latest photo, “Go Girls!”

The TV personality shared an amazing photo of himself with a shirt in a white suit, which showed his famous cleanliness.

Carol kept her hair in the waves and her make-up was perfect as she hosted the Virtual Business Woman of the Year Awards.

Earlier this week, Carroll gave an invitation to fans when she showed a glimpse of her satirical Madrid in Scanite Gym Gear.

In her sauce video, she was seen wearing a long-sleeved blue crop top wrapped around her curves.

She completed the look with matching yoga pants that showed off her toned pins.

In the short clip, she was seen showing her small waist when she talked about the horrible exercise she had just done.

Warders also ran a pulses race last Sunday in a hot tub, completely naked.

Carol snatched two nude pieces while she was in Portugal attending a juice retreat.

The star recently showed off his personality at a gym snap.


The star recently showed off his personality at a gym snap.Credit: Wooders / Instagram
Carol Werderman shows a glimpse of her motherfucker in Schnitz Gym Gear.

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