September 18, 2021

Carol Smiley and Annabelle Craft are locked in a bitter feud over their underwear range.

SCOTS telecom legend Carol Smiley and former best friend Annabelle Craft are embroiled in a bitter feud over their Indus range.

After taking over Carroll’s own business plan, Diary Doll, the celebrity duo is no longer in a position to speak.

Carol Smiley and Annabelle Craft are in a bitter tussle over their business.


Carol Smiley and Annabelle Craft are in a bitter tussle over their business.

Sources claim that there were differences in the way the firm was run and the direction of the brand.

One told The Sun on Sunday: “Eventually, Annabelle felt pushed out.

It’s a shame because women were so close and went on vacation together.

“He even came up with the idea for the company during a vacation, but after the business is over, he doesn’t say anything anymore.

“It really shows that you should never have a happy business.”

Carroll, a 59-year-old TV presenter, and Annabelle, a 55-year-old tennis player, formed a company with their husbands, Coleman and Knight.

Carol’s other half, Alex Knight, owns a restaurant, while Annabelle’s husband, Mel Coleman, is an investment banker. But in 2016, Annabelle and Mail lost their directorial positions.

A year later, Carroll signed a global licensing agreement with shopping channel High Street TV to sell a range of underwear under a new name, Pretty Smart Pants.

Former telecast host Carol Smiley was stunned by the wedding day photo.

She has since closed the business and is now holding a humanitarian wedding.

A promotional photo on Carroll’s website took Annabelle out of the picture and left no trace of her in her imagination.

Instead, on the site, Carol explained how she set up her business in 2012.

She writes: “It’s a simple idea (aren’t they the best?) With multi-award-winning brand smart underwear with a secret waterproof panel, giving confidence to women all over the world, for the small leak of life. Is.”

Capturing Carol's Underwear Range Annabelle Feels 'Pushed Out'


Capturing Carol’s Underwear Range Annabelle Feels ‘Pushed Out’Credit: Wire Image – Getty.
Carol Smiley performed CPR on affected advertisers in a new Scottish Government advertisement.

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