September 28, 2021

Cardi B’s Duplicate Gangster went viral on TuckTuck.

There is often one every time. Like a celebrity Which drives the internet into a frenzy, e.g. Amanda Seyfried Dupleix. Who drove social media crazy. This time, it looks like the Internet has been found. Cardi B.After the long lost twin hair stylist based in New York City. Claudeland. In the background, he shared a video of his client Ashley with the rapper’s “Up” song.

The video was originally posted. Tick ​​tock August 12, but some versions have also circulated on Twitter and Instagram. The truth is, I’ve become a fool, and every time I watch a video, my brain refuses to understand that a woman getting her hair done is not really Cardi B. Know better

Even in the comments to Claudeland’s video, people jokingly called it Cardi C or Cardi D. Cardi “And that’s for a good reason, because if you ask us, Ashley really looks like Cardie’s twin.

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It’s not every day that you are compared to a superstar, but Ashley tells Elver that this is not the first time he has heard comparisons with Cardi B, in fact, he has been compared to her a few times since 2015. Happened, which makes sense because it was when the rapper joined Love and Hip Hop: The New York Cast and later rose to fame. Once this year, when Ashley entered a lounge, a bouncer mentioned that she resembled Cardi B, and it hasn’t really stopped since. “Everywhere I go, [I hear] She looks like Cardi B. They will say it under their breath, and I will hear it, “she says.

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Although she has been compared to the rapper many times, she admits that she does not see similarities. “I literally try to see every time someone says, but I don’t see it,” she shares. He didn’t expect Claudeland’s video to be as viral as he did. Once she did, she was actually a little nervous because well, anyone familiar with the internet knows that the comments section can go from good to bad in an instant. But thankfully, she shares that most of the comments have been good, which has helped alleviate her anxiety.

Although Ashley can’t see the similarities, it feels like an honor to be compared to a talented and beautiful woman like Cardi B. The Bronx rapper has long established himself as a beauty icon with his extensive wig collection and flawless make-up. It doesn’t look like Cardi B has seen the video yet, but we can only guess what the superstar will think after watching his fellow New Yorker who looks like him.

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