October 25, 2021

Card, Engrest and Ambience won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics.


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said on Monday that economists David Card, Joshua Ingrest and Guido Ambience had won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Tea rewardFormally known as the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel, this is Nobel’s last harvest of the year and the winners are seen handing out 10 million Swedish crowns ($ 1.14 million).

The academy said the Canadian-born card received a “half reward” for its “experimental contribution to labor economics”. Ingersoll and Ambence divided the other half “to contribute their methodology in the analysis of causal relationships.”

The prestigious prizes for achievements in science, literature and peace were created and funded at the behest of the Swedish dynamite inventor and wealthy businessman. Alfred Noble.

They have been awarded since 1901, although the Economics Prize – created by a donation to mark the 300th anniversary of the Central Bank of Sweden – is a later addition to the one first given in 1969.

Although the Economics Prize tends to be overshadowed by the already well-known winners of the Peace and Literature Prize, the winners over the years have included many influential economists, such as Austrian-British Frederick August van Hayek and American Milton Friedman. ۔



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