October 18, 2021

Cape Middleton called Prince William sexy when he arrived in military uniform

Prince William and Kate Middleton often do not hold hands or show affection in public, due to an unwritten rule that says the royal family should work professionally and keep their hands to themselves. That’s why even the slightest sign of a couple being romantic or flirting with each other usually makes headlines.

According to a Leap Leader, such a moment predates the couple’s marriage a decade ago. The occasion was Prince William’s graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy in December 2006, and his longtime girlfriend was there to celebrate the special day. She was accompanied by her parents, Carol and Michael Middleton, while the British royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, also attended the ceremony.

Kate, who was just four years old and had separated from her royal life, could not help but meet her boyfriend in a military uniform that day. The 24-year-old girl at the time, who saw the future king’s perfect girlfriend in a red coat with black shoes and a matching hat, apparently called William “sexy” after seeing him on the ground. Mirror.

One lip reader claimed on the royalty documentary “Royal Views” that the future Duchess said, “I love her in uniform, she’s so sexy.”

According to royal expert Rebecca English, Kate’s presence at the ceremony was the most important thing in her life because it was the moment when she realized that she would get married despite her royal status and her normality. Rebecca English wrote the Channel 5 documentary “William and Kate: Too Great”: “We didn’t expect Kate and her family to come out, and I and several photographers and journalists all stood together at the press stand. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye we saw Kate and her mother and father sitting. “

“I remember turning to the person next to me and saying, ‘This is a deal. This woman is going to be our future queen.’

To everyone’s shock, however, Kate and William separated just a few months after the event. The breakup lasted only a few weeks, and they came back well this time. Three years later, in October 2010, William finally fell to his knees and proposed to his seven-year-old girlfriend. He was sworn in at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29, 2011, a decade after his first meeting at college.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton. Photo: Getty Images / Gareth Fuller.
Getty Images / Gareth Fuller

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