Can you ask your boss for a four-day work week and keep the same wage?

WORKERS may request a four-day week, but this may result in lower wages.

You can ask your boss for flexible working hours, but this may affect your salary – we explain your rights.


The four-day work week has already been adopted by some British firms.

Several British firms have already reduced one working day to give employees more free time.

Many of them have also allowed workers to keep their full pay despite reduced working hours.

Late last year, Atom Bank made headlines when it switched to a permanent four-day work week with no pay cuts.

Leeds-based finance company BWD has introduced a four-day week with no pay cuts following a “wonderful” three-month trial in 2021.

Meanwhile, London-based software developers IriusRisk switched to a three-day weekend with CEO Cristina Bentoux last month. telling Forbes the firm received ten new resumes within 24 hours of the news

We have collected all the companies that already offer a four-day work week.

Can I request a four day work week?

Workers have the right to request a four-day work week or other flexible work arrangements.

There are a few restrictions, but they apply to most employees, including parents, guardians, and those returning from maternity leave.

You must be officially classified as an employee and have worked for your employer for at least 26 weeks.

You can only make one request per 12 months.

Your boss should consider your request, but he doesn’t have to agree to it.

But employers have become more accustomed to the idea of ​​flexible work because of the pandemic.

How can I make a flexible work request?

You must send your request to your employer in writing, clearly stating that you are applying for “statutory flexible work arrangements.”

If you don’t know who to contact, contact your company’s human resources department.

Make sure you include the date you submitted, the changes you’d like to make, and when you’d like them to start.

Akas says you must decide how you will respond to any impact the change may have on your job or company.

If you have made any previous requests for flexible work, including the dates in your letter.

Finally, please indicate if your request relates to anything covered by discrimination law, such as reasonable disability compensation.

What will happen to my salary?

While you can ask for flexible working hours, you are not eligible to remain on full pay.

You may be offered a lower wage to reflect reduced working hours.

There is nothing wrong with asking, but your company has the right to cut your pay according to your working hours.

Rona Darbyshire, partner at law firm Cripps Pemberton Greenish, said: “Employees have the legal right to demand flexible working hours, which, if successful, could result in reduced working hours.

“Despite this right to demand such an agreement, employees have no legitimate grounds to insist that such a reduction in working hours is not without a corresponding reduction in wages.

“To do this, employees rely on their employer seeing the broader benefits of a four-day work week without an equivalent pay cut.”

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