September 23, 2021

Can Pedro Castillo unite Peru? , By Roman Mugs (Le Monde diplomat.

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Can he help? Supporter of new President Pedro Castillo, Lima, July 2021.

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T.Hey The city of Cajamarca in northern Peru is proud of the place where two worlds met in 1532: the Spanish conquerors and the Inca. It was not a friendly meeting. The conquerors established their rule over the territories that make up modern-day Peru and Ecuador. This was the beginning of an era of looting that continues to this day. Latin American countries were not affected by their independence in the 19th century.

Nearly 500 years later, another battle between the two worlds took place, this time between the two candidates in the second round of the presidential election, in June, raising hopes that the country would change for the better.

On the right was Keiko Fujimori, the heir to the dictatorial neo-liberal system established by his father, Alberto Fujimori, in the 1990s. His opponent was Pedro Castillo, a lesser-known primary school teacher in the Cajamarca area, working on a “common Peruvian” land, according to one of his election slogans.

One power, one heart, one goal! Our goal today is development and social justice for all.

Pedro Castillo.

The end of the neo-liberal system, based on corruption and bigotry, is behind the democratic crisis in a country that has long been considered stable. There have been four Peruvian presidents since 2016. Three were charged with corruption, the fourth chose to commit suicide instead of facing trial.

Two different worlds.

Peru is a divided country. On one side are the capital, Lima (home to 30% of the population and 48.1% of the country’s wealth), major cities, the Pacific coast and the economic elites that regulate Peru’s exploitation of resources. On the other side are the mountains, the countryside and the south.

But 2021 is not 1532. On July 28, after a draw in the election results, Castillo, who a year ago probably did not expect to go to the second round, (…)

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