September 17, 2021

Camilla Cabello says the therapy saved her life after the burning and distress.

Camilla Cabello has revealed that after nine years of uninterrupted work, the lockdown helped her turn her life around.

The American pop superstar, who is known for Hannah and Senorita, also paid tribute to her boyfriend Sean Mendes, saying that she had been able to trust the singer in her dark times.

Camilla Cabello says she needed therapy to overcome her anxiety.


Camilla Cabello says she needed therapy to overcome her anxiety.Credit: Getty

In the clearest interview ever, Camilla told us: “I was burned before the lockdown. I was living with a lot of anxiety.

“It was too much and it wasn’t sustainable. I felt like I was running with a broken leg but I really couldn’t hear how I felt.

“I kept telling myself everything was fine, ‘I should feel fine, I should feel fine.’

“All I needed to do was say, ‘How do I actually feel?’ And let it get better. I needed to be allowed to ask for help – because I needed help. I needed therapy.

“Epidemics have stopped me from saying, ‘Let’s not walk on this broken leg, let’s fix it.’

“There were a lot of times in the past when I was working نہیں I wasn’t home or there was no time for relationships, I didn’t have time to be healthy and happy صرف just to work non-stop and not feel good but to do anyway. ۔

“It’s something I’ll never do again. If I ever felt that way again, I’d just say, ‘I’m sorry, people.’

High speed.

“I know I have to take care of myself now. No one knows I’ve reached a point other than myself, so I have to take care of myself.

The three-time Grammy nominee rose to prominence in 2012 on the USX Factor in the Girl Group Fifth Harmony before moving to Solo in 2016.

The move paid off in 2017 when its first single, Havana, reached No. 1 in 23 countries.

Her 2018 album Camilla is also at the top of the US charts.

And as her star grew, she backed Taylor Swift – whom she now counts as her friend – on Taylor’s 2018 tour.

Camilla says her non-stop schedule burned her.


Camilla says her non-stop schedule burned her.Credit: Handout.

But Camilla says success has come at a high price, revealing: “Anxiety is something I’ve struggled with since I was a boy and so it’s been a really positive time for me. ۔

“I’ve learned a lot about balance, about not saying things because it’s better for me to do hour therapy and see my friends.

“It’s about not letting myself get to the point where I’m burned.

“I’ve got a new doctor in the last year, I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m feeling much better.

“I’ve been working so fast since I was 15, so I never got a chance to go, ‘Hey, what does it feel like to live without that pressure?’ I realized I didn’t know until then.

“I’ve definitely seen the benefits in my relationship. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important things – it’s time to strengthen and deepen the relationship.”

Camilla, who just released her latest single Donut Go last month, has been dating Sean since 2019 when she released the sexy duo Senorita.

The rumor mill grew last month when Camilla appeared on TuckTuck with new jewelry on her finger. But she insists the marriage is not on the card. . . Yet.

He added: “Sean has been very helpful. He is someone I believe I can trust.

This feeling is clearly mutual, Sean said of Camilla in an interview last December: “She is very patient with me, especially when I’m under pressure or something is happening to me.

“She’ll text me. And if I’m ever being rude to her, she’ll say, ‘That’s right, I love you no matter what.’ That’s true strength and patience and love.” Is.

Camilla says the 2021 Cinderella is a new definition of the Disney Classic.


Camilla says the 2021 Cinderella Disney Classic is a new definition.

Camilla’s third album is coming out later this year and she is playing the role of Cinderella in the prime video remake of the Disney Classic, which has a 2021 “Girl Boss” twist on the traditional heroine.

He said: “This Cinderella is not waiting for anyone to save her. She is ambitious, powerful and there are no bad people, only people who are struggling with their trauma and history.

“A lot of old stories are written by men, so they offer an old perspective on a story where a woman is the main character.

“It’s a 2021 essential version of a story.”

most wanted

Preparing to announce wanted return.


Preparing to announce wanted return.Credit: Getty

Wanted is back after a gap of seven years, we can reveal exclusively.

The five boys – Max George, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Shiva Kanishwaran and Jay McGuinness – are reuniting next week with the shooting of a new single and a music video.

After working on solo projects and staying on good terms, the collective return is to support Tom, who has a terminal brain tumor.

A source said: “Tom’s ordeal means everyone wants to rally and celebrate as a group what they have achieved and live in the moment.

“They loved their time on the band and felt it was time to come back together, especially since Tom’s future is uncertain.

“There will be new music and performances, and they want to use this opportunity to raise money for cancer charities.

“They are planning to make an official announcement on Wednesday.

“Everyone is excited to be back together and can’t wait to recreate the magic of the past.”

Tom is busy making a documentary for Channel 4’s stand-up to cancer appeal, in which he hosts a major fundraising concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

The father of two, who revealed earlier this year that his tumor had been “significantly reduced” and was continuing his treatment, was also helping with the national brain appeal.

After their first hit all the time, it could be high all the time.

The image of Rita’s ring has guessed us.

Fans are speculating as to why Rita hid her finger.


Fans are speculating as to why Rita hid her finger.Credit: Instagram

RITA Ora has created an engagement puzzle after partially obscuring a ring on her hand on Instagram.

The image was later deleted – but not before we saw it.

This has led to speculation that Rita’s film director boyfriend Taika Vetti has raised questions.

Rita is meeting film director Taika Vetti.


Rita is meeting film director Taika Vetti.

The couple went public with their relationship in April, and in May, sources revealed that she had moved to a Kiwi home in Sydney.

Shortly afterwards, he made headlines with a three-way kiss with actress Tessa Thompson, who was photographed on the balcony after a wild night.

Rita’s spokesmen will not confirm or deny the rumors last night.

We will start buying hats, only then.

Wedding ring

Congratulations to Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer on tying the knot.

The DJ paid tribute to the daughter of actress-Hollywood icon Meryl Streep on Instagram: “You earned 45 hands in the biggest year of my life.

“It took me 45 years to become a man worthy of your love. I hope I will spend each of those birthdays until your last day.

The festival with Amber goes through a storm.

The storm provoked the crowd with its Leeds Festival set.


The storm provoked the crowd with its Leeds Festival set.Credit: Scholar

Last weekend at the Leeds Festival the tongues were spinning when our detective spotted Stromazy’s headline on the side of the stage on the island of love Amber Gill.

At one point, the rapper took off her braid, revealing her hunky body.

A source said: “Amber looked amazing and stood backstage with all the roadies. All eyes were on her.

“She was really enjoying herself and knew all the lyrics of her songs.”

Stormzi is single after parting ways with long-time girlfriend Maya Jama in 2019 and was spotted with a mysterious woman at the GQ Awards last week.

A spokesman said: “Amber’s access had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

Amber, who rose to prominence on Leo Island in 2019, later shared a photo of herself in front of a black car on Instagram that looked like one of Stormzie’s monster motors, with the caption: “Fresh. Face. Best weekend. “

Amber enjoyed watching Stormyz at the Leeds Festival.


Amber enjoyed watching Stormyz at the Leeds Festival.Credit: Instagram

Eli’s release.

Ellie Golding is moving into movies and says she gets acting treatment.

The singer and new mother, who gave birth to son Arthur earlier this year, said: “I’m working with an amazing coach.

“It’s a positive and dynamic aspect for me. I like being able to be other people.

“I have felt in motherhood that it is important to be with people who give you full support. I am very lucky to have found this balance between work and motherhood.”

New run by Dior pair.

Dani Dyer is ready to reunite with her father on her podcast.


Dani Dyer is ready to reunite with her father on her podcast.Credit: xxdanidyer / Instagram.

DANI Dyer is to re-enact the role of his tormented aunt with father Danny on the hit Spotify podcast Sort With The Dyers.

Launched last October, the program suggests speaking directly to listeners.

The new series could give Dani a chance to talk about the former Semi-Cummins, with whom he has a younger son, Santiago. They parted ways after Sammy was jailed on fraud charges.

A source told us: “Dani has kept her feelings about Sammy quiet and focused on being the best mom for Santiago.

“But recording the podcast, with her father, is a safe place and it can be a golden opportunity for her to have her say.”

We can’t wait to hear it.

Love at first sight

James Corden recounts how he won the love of his first night meeting with his television producer wife, Julia Kerry.

He said: “Julius and I never went on dates. The night we met, we talked about how we were tired of going out all the time … we were going out so much, drinking so much. Had a great time.

“We were tired. We sat in the corner of a room at this party and planned the rest of our lives together as a joke.” Simple

Fear of ore.

Ore Odoba lost consciousness on Celeb SAS.


Ore Odoba fainted on the celeb SAS.Credit: Pet Dads / Channel 4.

Ore Odoba was dragged out of the river after not responding to the slab SAS for 30 seconds.

The 2016 hardcore winner told us he felt “unconscious”, adding: “They pulled me out and put me in the jeep.

“The boys told me I was irresponsible for about 30 seconds.” Terrible things.

Camilla Cabello ripped body shampoos and flavons from ‘stretch marks, cellulite and fat’ and said ‘the fight with your body is last year’

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