September 18, 2021

By Pierre Rambert (Le Monde Diplomatic), don’t expect the tech giants to build better.

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TOMore than everything Two years into the epidemic, it is difficult to assess the health effects of policy interventions by different countries. Their social implications, though, are all very clear: nursing assistants, care assistants, transport workers, shop assistants, cleaners and so on, hailed as the epidemic hero and clapped at the doors in the spring of 2020 The bell rang and he was thrown back into the darkness. The financial order usually sends them. Despite promises to build a better world after Cowade, which would value the common good rather than social discrimination, no progress has been made in the conditions or status of essential service workers.

What Cove 19 has done, however, is to pave the way for an even more abundant ground for the tech industry: ‘Five major technology companies – Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook – together made 75 75 billion. Tax profit in the second quarter, about 90-90% higher than a year ago and 30% higher than expected, ‘ Financial Times. On July 30, the results accounted for how much these platforms claimed our daily lives – not surprisingly, because of the policies that have been put in place to deal with epidemics.

From lockdown and remote working to distance learning and health pass, policy decisions are based on two irrational assumptions. First of all, normal human communication, prohibited due to covid, can migrate online and flourish. Digitization of social relationships is technically possible, and therefore necessary. Work (at least for some people), study, entertainment, shopping, communication, meeting new people, culture and healthcare can all be moved online.

A missed opportunity.

The second assumption is that privately owned tech giants, which are now part of our common existence, only need to abide by the rules of the market and the rules and regulations set by their owners. They (…)

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