September 21, 2021

Buy a carry-on suitcase and travel bag.

Finding the best luggage is no small feat, especially when factoring in luggage restrictions, storage requirements, durability, etc. Once you’ve found the right suitcase and suitcase, it’s a breeze to go away. Because one scenario doesn’t fit the whole scenario.

So we’ve worked hard for you and searched the internet and even if it doesn’t matter your budget, we’ve tested a few things to find the best amount of goods for you. That way, you’re good and ready when those countries finally appear on the green list (and check us out). How to pack a suitcase Guide while you’re at it).

Scroll down to buy everything from luggage to large suitcases and travel bags.

The best storage equipment.

If you are going on a short weekend, or you are lucky enough to have a light pack, then you have a carry-on suitcase or bag. Cabin-sized luggage is usually 56 cm x 45 x 25 cm, which is allowed by most airlines, including British Airways. However, it is always worth checking with your airline for luggage options, as they may vary.

Ryanair’s allowance, for example, is small at 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, so make sure your suitcase is the right size, or you may incur additional costs. Scroll down to purchase my favorite items.

The best big suitcase.

Long-distance destinations require a large suitcase, which saves you a lot of money from your holiday wardrobe. Comes with four wheels for best handling, and separate zip-up compartments for your more delicate items. Although fabric suitcases are usually lightweight, I recommend hard shell cases for longer trips because they are more durable and less likely to deteriorate in transit.

The best stuff for clothes.

If you are not a fan of wrapping your clothes in any case (this saves a lot of space), then a garment bag like the one below is for you. This will allow you to keep the clothes and suit relatively flat. A wardrobe suitcase is another great option for keeping clothes organized.

The best travel bag.

Although less easy to drag than a suitcase, a travel bag is a great choice to save space, especially if you’re going for a mini brake from the car. Thule, Rimowa and Longchamp have some great classic options.

The best light suitcase.

Lastly, if you are worried about weight allowance or just want to save your arm strength, there are many lightweight suitcase options around, especially those made of fabric shells. Keep scrolling to buy them, and buy my best stuff.

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