October 17, 2021

But what is Edward Philip playing?

The former prime minister has just formed his new political party called Horizon. Remember that the horizon is an imaginary line with an observer center and where the heavens and the earth meet.

Well, it’s done! As he was talking about it, the current mayor of Lee Hoover has formed his own political party six months before the presidential election. This is called the horizon. In the plural “Along the horizons, we will explain the strategy for France, it is a collective adventure,” said Edward Philippe, who intends to propose “a new political offer”. Translation: “Others” have no strategy for France or it is not collective.
Why the horizon? “Because it’s important to look far. But how far? Until the spring 2022 presidential election or the next 2027 presidential election? Probably both. Because no one will believe that this war machine is six months ahead of the mother of all electoral battles.” So there are negative motives that have not been (yet) entered. To be sure, it is enough to remember the title of the last book by Edward Philip, co-authored with Giles Boer. “Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.”

Plan B.

So far, Emmanuel Macron has not declared himself a candidate for re-election. It’s a simple assumption that maybe he won’t run again for various reasons. Edward Philip will then be Plan B, which is often talked about. The Savior of Macaroni. In a way, a change in political continuity. By getting the so-called Republicans out of their predicament, and especially by stopping Le Pen and Zemor on the right.
Today, the political presentation is disappointing. On the far left, Melanchin, Poto, Orthod do not cross the 5 or 6% mark. Traditional left, PS and PC, are not much better. Republicans are looking for a candidate and in doing so they are shaking themselves. As far as the right is concerned, there is a rift between Marine Le Pen, who is afraid to face Emmanuel Macron, and Eric Zammour, who is not yet a candidate.

Run back

La Republique en Marche remains. And Macron, who in good times, reached 24% in the election. This is good, but not enough. Because when it comes to slipping your ballot in the ballot box on April 10 and 24, 2022, the French will definitely think of Yellow West, Alexander Benala, Richard Ferrand, Franکوois de Rogi, Jean-Paul Deleuve, and so on. Even uncontrollable skids during a health crisis;
In short, it is enough to be reluctant to leave. To pass by hand, slowly. Will there be a secret agreement between President Macron and his former prime minister?

The Edward Flip Program
The Edward Flip Program

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