September 18, 2021

‘Burley Thug’ locked in a cage to anesthetize a police officer during the Kot Bridge Remy

A thug who knocked a police officer unconscious and killed his colleagues for fear of being killed has been jailed for six years.

John Dow attacked PC Paul Guan, who was involved in a large-scale early-hour disturbance on July 26, 2020 in C برte d’Ivoire, North Lanarkshire.

The 36-year-old man strangled the constable for more than a minute after trying to arrest him.

CCTV footage captured other officers struggling to get Dow out of the affected PC Guan.

Prosecutor Angela Gray told the High Court in Glasgow: “PC Guan was placed in a recovery position by his colleagues.

An ambulance was called. Some officers saw him unconscious and thought he was dead.

PC, 33, fortunately came out after being out of the cold for 20 seconds.

However, a judge was told that the officer had suffered “significant trauma” as a result of his trial.

Dow was to go to trial for attempted murder of PC Guan.

He instead pleaded guilty to a felony count of aggravated assault and manslaughter.

Judge Lord Fairley, sentencing today, told Dow: “There is a suggestion from a social worker that you accept responsibility and regret your actions.

“You try to blame the victim and there is blame on both sides.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station, knocking the police officer to his knees and knocking him unconscious.

“Other officers thought he was dead and it is clear from his statement of impact that his impact on you that night was severe.

“She has been diagnosed with PTSD, has flashbacks, is restless and has a broken nose.

“There is a reference to the possibility of the officer retiring. Health Foundations. ”

PC Guan and a colleague were parked at Mitchell Street, Kot Bridge, as a group was arguing with each other and damaging property.

Miss Gray explained how Dow was part of the crowd.

As officers demanded a backup, Dow became angry after detaining a man.

Ms Gray said the thugs started filming officers on their mobile phones while PC was “aggressive and challenging” for Guan.

PC Guan eventually told Dow that he had been arrested.

Dow then flogged, grabbed the 33-year-old constable, punched him and strangled him.

The lawyer said: “He held PC Guan in his grip … they both fell into the hedge with Dow on top of him.

“PC Guan felt his life was in danger. He punched him in the head and tried to free himself from the stakes, but to no avail.

PC Guan lost consciousness – he was motionless.

CCTV showed Dow still holding the victim and he was eventually dropped off by two other officers.

Miss Gray: “Overall, Dow put his hand around PC Guan’s neck for about a minute and 10 seconds.”

Dow then briefly caught PC George, but was quickly overpowered.

The court heard that PC Guan – who had 11 years of service – ended up with a broken nose, bad teeth, bruises, scratches and swelling.

Miss Gray: “She suffered significant psychological trauma as a result of the attack.”

Dow also admitted to attacking the PC.

Defending, Tony Graham QC said Dow was injured.

He said: “Mr Dow was the first victim of an attack, which led to a series of incidents.

“During the attack, he was forcibly taken to an electric substation and was electrocuted.

“She had surgery and needed to be ventilated.

“It’s not an excuse for his behavior, but you can probably see in the video how the situation unfolds.”

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