October 18, 2021

Bubbles trapped under Hurricane Ida’s collapsed shed.

A good tactical storm was assessing the damage caused by Ada when he stumbled upon a shocking sight. Beneath the collapsed shed was a terrifying pit bill called Bubbles, anxious to free itself from its painful reality.

Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc on its way when it landed in Louisiana. Winds of 130 mph blew in the area, damaging thousands of homes.

Avoid hurricanes

It’s impossible for most dog lovers to understand this, but many unwanted animals are left behind to save themselves in natural disasters. Unfortunately for Bubbles, he was one of the unfortunate kids to fall into that category.

Once the good strategist closed his eyes to the bubbles, he knew he had to contact a team of skilled rescuers. The bubbles were not only trapped under the collapsed shed, but were also chained. Freeing the frightened Patty Puppet was no easy task.

Avoid hurricanes

The Human Rescue Alliance rushed to the scene, as they were already working to rescue other stray animals and bring them under the care of LASPCA. Once the team arrived at the collapsed shed and assessed the appearance of the bubbles, it was clear that they had been there for several days.

“We suspect the dog was trapped there – frightened without food or water in the scorching heat – since the storm.” – LASPCA

The team immediately began working to free the trapped pitbull, some lifting the shed and others trying to get the bubble out of its grip. Once the bubbles finally came out from under the rubble, they managed to pull it out of the chain.

“Once freed from the shed, the bubbles were very friendly and sweet and immediately became affectionate with their rescuers.” – LASPCA

The team has no idea how to escape the wrath of Hurricane Ida. We can only assume that the shed provided only enough protection to keep him alive, although nothing can save him from the paralyzing fear he must have endured.

Avoid hurricanes

Bubbles is now in the care of LASPCA and is finally getting the help it needs. Now that she is finally safe and free from her past, her lovely personality is beginning to shine. The crew has fallen head over heels in love with this winning boy.

Bubbles is one of the dearest friends left behind in a natural disaster. We can’t imagine how much these poor people must have gone through, but we hope that they all got the loving look they deserved from the beginning.

H / T: thedodo.com
Image Source: Facebook

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