September 20, 2021

Britney Spears upset fans after deleting her Instagram.

Britney Spears surprised fans on Tuesday when she abruptly deleted her Instagram account. Many wondered if she was forced to remove her because of her conservatism.

The “poisonous” singer explained on Twitter that she had temporarily deleted her Instagram so that she could have a private engagement with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. She reassured her fans that she would “be back soon” as she wrote, “People don’t worry … take a break from social media to celebrate my engagement.”

According to CNN“It was her decision,” said a source close to Spears, “and she wanted to do it for a while.” But the explanation failed to convince her followers who have just expressed concern about her situation, especially since the move comes just two days after her engagement was announced.

Other fans have claimed that the singer has no control over her social media pages, including Twitter. It’s her team that decides what she posts to them with a comment, “We’re not buying it. It’s her team that deleted her account because they didn’t like the post. He did it in the Conservatives and now they have posted it on his Twitter so that we are not suspicious and who will delete his account during the break? “

Another said, “Please go straight and tell us. We are worried after your testimony. We love you. Please be safe. Congratulations on your engagement !!”

“You all know that Britney doesn’t control her social media accounts properly? That’s probably not her either. Either her father or someone from the Conservative team, who recently visited her IG. There’s something awful about posting. ” Wrote another.

Asghari still has an Instagram account with her last picture. Their engagement Announcement He posted a picture of the singer showing his engagement ring to the camera.

Spears deleted her Instagram two weeks before the court hearing to determine if she would remain under her conservatism. Her father, Jamie Spears, recently asked the court to terminate his 13-year conservatism when he announced his decision to resign as co-conservator of his property.

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