September 18, 2021

Britney Spears forced to take anti-psychotic drugs, birth control pills during conservatism

Britney Spears was given a weekly cocktail of powerful drugs and was supervised daily by her father, Jamie Spears, in the midst of her consortium.

Fernando Flores, who worked as the singer’s bodyguard in 2010, said the sun That every Friday a woman would give him a host of pills. He knew what they were because he would explain to them what they were up to.

“Psychotherapy and the three birth control pills,” she said, when she remembered that she would “understand when talking about the parallel universe.”

The four-year-old father served as the spears’ mind for eight months. He said his father, Jamie, often checked him on a daily basis.

“Jamie called three or four times a day to check what was going on. She had to get permission if she wanted anything,” he revealed.