September 20, 2021

Britain’s Johnson reshuffled his cabinet to get rid of firefighters.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reshuffled his cabinet on Wednesday, removing some of his detained comrades – such as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab – who was removed as justice minister after being criticized for dealing with the fall of Kabul. Was given

After months of criticism from several of his top teams for mistakes and errors, Johnson Eventually began a process he says he wanted to do several weeks ago, to make the changes he feels he needs to move forward with his “level-up” agenda to grow the economies of the North and Midlands in England. Need to grow

Johnson has made it his government’s priority to tackle regional inequality Covid-19 The epidemic has taken some of the key promises he made in 2019, when he won the parliamentary majority of the largest Conservative party since the most recent figure. British Politics, Margaret Thatcher

Gavin Williamson was fired as the first Secretary of Education after a widespread perception of incompetence in managing schools during epidemics. He was followed by Justice Secretary Robert Bookland, followed by Housing Secretary Robert Generick.

Generic was under discussion for his role in a development proposed by a Conservative party donor.

Michael Go – a major intellectual influence on the direction of government policy and the only current cabinet minister who was at the top of the table when the Tories came to power under David Cameron in 2010 – will replace Generic. Gove was previously a cabinet minister.

A spokesman for Johnson told reporters: “We know the people want us to meet their priorities, and so the prime minister wants to make sure we have the right team. “

A source in Johnson’s office said he would appoint ministers “with a focus on uniting and equalizing the whole country.”

Rumors of change have been circulating for weeks.

Some in his party suggested that the threat of reshuffle helped ensure that Johnson’s tax increase backed the party’s plans to tackle the health and social care crisis when some Criticism in circles to reinforce inter-racial inequality, save many pensioners but mostly working-age voters

Other Tory lawmakers said the reshuffle was long overdue, with one describing the cabinet as a “boat full of terrible barricades”.

(France with 24 Reuters)


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