October 18, 2021

Britain annoyed France by giving only 12 licenses to EU fishing boats.


The UK said on Tuesday it would apply to EU small boats for 12 out of 47 applications for new fishing licenses in its territorial waters, which angered France.

French Fisherman How quickly they have become angry. United Kingdom Control for access. European Union Boats then in its waters Exited the block.

London says it has taken a “reasonable approach” by issuing approximately 1,1700 EU licenses to fish in the UK’s special economic zone, which is 12-200 miles off the coast.

A total of 117 have been released for the 6-12 mile zone.

The government said in a statement on Tuesday, “Regarding the 6-12 mile zone …

“We are considering applications for vessels less than 12 meters in length in this zone and based on the available evidence, we are able to license 12 of the 47 applications.”

But French Maritime Minister Enrique Gerardine called it “a new British refusal to implement the terms of the Brexit agreement.”

French fishing should not be held hostage by the British for political purposes.

Other requests were rejected due to insufficient evidence that boats were caught in the area between 2012 and 2016, as stipulated in a post-Brexit agreement between London and Brussels last year.

“We are continuing to work with the Commission and the French authorities and will consider any evidence provided to support the remaining license applications,” he added.

London insisted that its approach was reasonable and fully in line with our commitments under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

The list of successful aircraft is due to be published on Wednesday.

France It says 87 applications have been filed, revolving around licenses for ships that replace old boats that used to fish in the area.



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