Brendan Cole confirms he reunited with partner Vanessa Bauer after scoring the show’s top ten with replacement Brandin.

Brendan Cole has confirmed he has reunited with his professional figure skating partner Vanessa Bauer.

The Dancing with the Stars star scored the first ten points in the ITV figure skating competition over the weekend, replacing figure skater Brandin Hatfield.


Brendan revealed that he and Vanessa were reunited.1 credit
Over The Weekend, The Star Skated With Brandin Hatfield.


Over the weekend, the star skated with Brandin Hatfield.1 credit

Latin American dancer Brendan, 45, revealed on his Instagram stories how he reunited with Vanessa.

The star disappeared from the show on Sunday night after testing positive for Covid-19, forcing her to isolate herself from her figure skating partner.

“Good morning everyone – the morning after last night,” Brendan said to the camera as he headed to rehearsal.

“What a night it was yesterday. Many thanks to everyone who voted. Now I’m back with my partner Vanessa after an amazing week with Brandin.

“I’m excited to start props week – I believe she’s inside waiting for me and it’s a beautiful day.”

The star continued filming himself and Vanessa as they gave fans a glimpse of their “epic, creative morning” while brainstorming their new routine.

“We’re already looking forward to Sunday,” Brendan concluded as the friends giggled as they walked side by side from Alexandra Palace.

Brendan and his replacement partner Brandin were the first couple to receive a ten from the judges for their performance on Sunday.

Viewers took to Twitter to call for more same-sex couples after they wowed fans with their Jersey Boys performance.

On Brendan’s daily routine for the special music week, he was partnered with Brandin Hatfield while regular partner Vanessa Bauer was recovering from Covid.

Their performance earned them the top ten in the series, awarded by guest judge Arlene Phillips.

Fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the couple.

One said, “We deserve more gay couples on shows like Strictly and DOI, Brendan and Brandin smashed it!”

The second added: “Brendan should keep riding with Brandin because it was GREAT!! Please, we need more same-sex couples!!”

However, some viewers accused the show of being a fix after guest judge Arlene Phillips gave pal Brendan Cole a high score.

Arlene scored them the first 10 points of the series, while regular head judges Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean chose a slightly lower 9.5 out of 10.

Arlene and Brendan starred in primetime television competitions together after they both competed in the early years of Dancing with the Stars.

Brendan has been a professional dancer for a long time, and Arlene Phillips was on the jury from 2004 to 2008.

One viewer tweeted, “Arlene mentions Regan’s slip but not Brendan’s… funny” while another tweeted, “As soon as Brendan showed up, I knew Arlene would give him a 10.”

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