Brave Ukrainian pharmacist shows horrific wounds at the hands of Putin’s troops after being hit by a Russian shell

A BOLD Ukrainian woman spoke about her terrible injuries after being hit by a Russian shell.

A woman named Nina, who works as a pharmacist in Kharkiv, was depicted with scars all over her face after Russian troops attacked the besieged city.


As a result of the attack, Nina, who works as a pharmacist in Kharkov, was seriously injured.1 credit
The Woman Agreed To Be Photographed &Quot;Show The World The Truth&Quot;


The woman agreed to be photographed to ‘show the world the truth’1 credit
Residential Building In Kharkov Completely Destroyed


Residential building in Kharkov completely destroyedCredit: Environmental Protection Agency

The post, shared by Artur Kharitonov, chairman of the Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine, reads: “This is Nina. She is a professional pharmacist from Kharkov.

“Before the Russian bombing, she served in 9.1.1. pharmacy.

“Nina agreed to show her face after meeting with ordinary Russians.

“For the world to know the truth. She will need a very long treatment.”

Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernihiv continue to offer strong resistance to Putin’s forces, and horrific footage shows the extent of destruction in the cities.

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The mayor of the city, Igor Terekhov, said that hundreds of buildings, including residential ones, were destroyed.

“You can’t say that the worst days are behind us, we are constantly bombed,” he said.

A shocking photo showed a Russian missile stuck in the kitchen sink of a family’s home in the besieged city.

The unexploded rocket can be seen wedged in the corner of the room, miraculously damaging only the ceiling of the house and the sink.

Horrifying footage from last week showed a young girl being dragged from the rubble of a building that was reportedly hit by Russian shelling.

Desperate medical teams are seen frantically trying to resuscitate her, but it is not clear if the baby survived.

Meanwhile, shocking footage from Mariupol shows the terrible state of the port city: almost no building has been damaged by the incessant shelling.

The city has been under fire from Russian troops for almost a month.

Budding Ukrainian gymnast Kateryna Dyachenko was tragically killed in a Russian airstrike following a bomb attack on her home in Mariupol.

From the very beginning of the invasion, Russian troops shelled Ukrainian cities, but Mariupol suffered the worst of the entire war.

Hundreds of thousands of people are believed to be trapped inside buildings with no access to food, water, electricity or heat.

Russian shells, bombs and rockets hit the theatre, art school and other public buildings, burying hundreds of women and children in basements.

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Russia has also been accused of using deadly phosphorus bombs in Ukraine after footage emerged allegedly showing white phosphorus burning on the ground in the eastern city of Kramatorsk.

Kramatorsk police chief Aleksey Biloshitsky shared a video of material burning on the ground when it was touched with a shovel.

The Rocket Was Seen Stuck In The Family'S Kitchen Sink.


The rocket was seen stuck in the family’s kitchen sink.
Kharkiv Has Been Shelled By Russian Troops For The Last Month.


Kharkiv has been shelled by Russian troops for the last month.Credit: Reuters
A Girl Was Pulled Out From Under The Rubble


A girl was pulled out from under the rubble

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