October 18, 2021

Both mother and daughter are diagnosed with stroke cancer within a month.

Margaret Wallace, 55, and her only child, Maria O’Neill, 28, both received disturbing news just five weeks apart.

One of the mothers, Maria, who works as a nurse, was cleaning a fake tan in the shower when she found a lump in her breast, which caused cancer in July.

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Glasgow Times:

Green of One Margaret was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August – but she thought her symptoms, which included abdominal pain and vomiting, were due to the stress of her daughter’s illness.

The double diagnosis has upset the family, but they are putting a brave face on Maria’s two-year-old daughter, Mullah.

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Glasgow Times:

“I found it in the shower by accident,” said Maria, of Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.

“I’m guilty of not checking myself. Thank God I did.

“Despite being a nurse and asking everyone else to take care of me, that was something I never did.

“It was my mother’s birthday and I put on a fake tan the night before.

“I cleaned it up and that’s why I found it.

“Thank God for the fake tan.”

Glasgow Times:

She was diagnosed in mid-July and started chemotherapy, and will undergo breast removal and reconstruction surgery in January before a course of radiotherapy.

Margaret, who works as a caterer at the hospital, was diagnosed in early August and began chemo.

He has to go under the knife after completing his treatment.

Glasgow Times:

Maria said: “Compared to other people, I have been very lucky with side effects.

“I am basically a little tired but I can maintain a normal life.

“I am trying to keep my daughter’s life normal.

“The main thing I was worried about was hair loss, because she’s only two years old, and although she’s smart, she doesn’t really understand.

“I was worried she would be scared of me without her hair, but she was amazing.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“She just says ‘Mom needs rest’ and lies down on the couch with me.

“She takes my mind off her and keeps me going.

“It makes me feel a little better if I put a face to it.”

Glasgow Times:

“When I first went to the GP, because I felt so good, he said, ‘It’s probably a little bit of fibrous tissue because you look good and you’re so young.’ “It simply came to our notice then.

“It was a complete shock, I had no other symptoms.”

Margaret had a stomach ache and was vomiting, which led to an accident and an emergency where she was diagnosed with cancer.

She had previously thought that these symptoms were the result of the stress of diagnosing her daughter’s trauma.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Margaret, from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.

“I forced her to worry about Maria.

“I couldn’t believe I could go to A&E in the morning and come out at night with a cancer diagnosis.”

Margaret said she has helped her family, including 10 siblings, and her colleagues who have worked here for 26 years at Kothal Hospital, Cote Bridge, North Lanarkshire.

Margaret said: “Help me at work, they are like my other family.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“We have always been close but it has made us very strong.

“The bond is high.”

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