October 18, 2021

Boris, Prince Charles pays tribute to British heroes during his 81st birthday service.

Boris, Charles pays tribute to British heroes during his 81st birthday service.
(Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles held the 81st edition of the monument in honor of Britain’s war heroes.)

Prince Charles, the apparent heir to the British crown, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a ceremony in Westminster today to pay tribute to the “few” who fought against Nazi looting during World War II.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Shadow Defense Secretary John Haley were also in the annual service, marking the first air battle in history.

Welsh The Prince, along with the Duchess of Cornwall, leads a Thanksgiving service on Sunday in honor of England’s heroes who ascended to the skies over southern England 81 years ago.

Boris pays tribute to British heroes on Prince Charles' 81st birthday.
Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall UK’s 81st Anniversary Service Thanksgiving and Correctional Service at Westminster Abbey

This year’s service saw a relatively small group wearing face masks due to the long-term effects of the corona virus epidemic. Senior government, military and diplomatic officials joined the serving RAF personnel.

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston, anchored the Bible reading, while the Chaplain-in-Chief, the Honorable Air Vice Marshal John Ellis, delivered a speech on humanity, which is a ‘future-centered life’. Inspired by ‘hope’.

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He lauded the recent flight from Kabul, saying that in September 1940, the RAF had raised the “collective hope of a nation” amid “constant attacks by enemy planes in our skies”.

Two historic planes are flying over Westminster Abbey on Sunday.

“Collective hope is something that stays with us forever. We just need to look at the epidemics that have affected all our lives.

Even the focus of the future is evident in advances in self-sacrifice and medicine that have been pointed out in epidemics.

Reacting to the political uprising in Afghanistan this summer, Ellis said: ‘Most recently, we witnessed the largest Royal Air Force aircraft since 1948.

An effort that highlighted everyone’s skills, courage and resilience. A life-changing event that has given thousands of people new hope. ‘

Boris pays tribute to British heroes on Prince Charles' 81st birthday.
Prime Minister Boris in commemorative service.

Dr David Howell, dean of Westminster Abbey, who led the service, presented a memorable event that included the names of 1,497 pilots and air crews on Britain’s Roll of Honor, killed in battle or killed. Leva was wounded and was borne by the church.

The memorial included a band from the Royal Air Force Regiment, as well as musical interventions from Abbey’s choir.

The service began and ended with the Royal Air Force’s No. 3 Squadron through the church, with the final post and the sound of the Revelation bringing the memorial to an emotional conclusion.

The Battle of Britain took place between July and October 1940, and the RAF finally won a hard-fought victory on September 15, considered the biggest attack of Nazi Germany’s day.

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Boris pays tribute to British heroes on Prince Charles' 81st birthday.
The Prince of Wales (center left) and the Duchess of Cornwall (center) view the flypast from the church house balcony

The approximately 1,120 Loft Waf aircraft sent to attack London were rejected by only 630 RAF fighters, prompting Hitler to postpone his plans to invade Britain two days later.

Since 1944 Westminster Abbey has served to thank and re-dedicate to the memory of the British War, the 2021 Memorial Service is its 81st edition.

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