October 20, 2021

Boris Johnson may soon move Article 16.

Northern Ireland: Boris Johnson may soon activate Article 16.
Northern Ireland: Boris Johnson may soon activate Article 16.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may soon activate Article 16 to end the long-running trade standoff with Northern Ireland. Surgery UK Reports

According to a recent tweet from Mujtaba Rehman, former Director General of the European Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs and Treasury Officer of the United Kingdom; In the wake of a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Johnson could well move Article 16 in the coming days.

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“I think Boris Johnson told Merkel in a recent call that things would get worse before the protocol got better,” Rehman wrote on Twitter.

“The capitals I’m talking to no longer exclude Article 16 motives. Think that’s right.”

Yesterday, the British Minister Lord David Frost called on the European Union to come to a standstill. According to him, the protocol designed to prevent tight borders is still “having a negative impact on daily life and business in Northern Ireland”.

“The remaining issues need to be addressed immediately. My team and I are in daily contact with the EU, but we need a full response to the July command paper soon.

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Talking to the German Chancellor about the Northern Ireland Protocol, Johnson said that the time for a terrible compromise was approaching, and perhaps it was time to amputate the arm to save the body.

It is understood that both countries are worried about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčactivating emergency legislation to unilaterally suspend the protocol.

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