Boris Johnson announces final freedom from Covid restrictions ‘in just DAYS’, urging Britons to ‘get back to work’.

BORIS Johnson has announced that all Covid restrictions will be lifted in England in just a few days as he called on Britons to return to work almost two years after the first lockdown was introduced in the UK.

The prime minister has announced that lockdown rules will soon be lifted and Covid testing is also taking place at “much lower levels”.


Tomorrow Boris Johnson will announce “Freedom Day” in England.1 credit
Brits Will Soon No Longer Have To Self-Isolate If They Have Covid


Brits will soon no longer have to self-isolate if they have Covid1 credit

Free lateral blood flow and Covid PCR tests should also be completed soon, according to a schedule to be announced by the Prime Minister tomorrow.

However, free tests are likely to continue to be available to the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly.

This comes as the estimated cost of Covid testing in the UK was £2bn last month.

England’s ‘Freedom Day’ when all Covid restrictions are over will take place on Thursday. daily mail reported.

The Prime Minister will lay out his plan for “living with Covid” on Monday, where he must confirm the lifting of all pandemic rules in England.

He is expected to say that the vaccination program, testing and other new treatments such as antiviral drugs will keep people safe while contagious people will no longer be forced to stay at home.

Speaking to BBC One’s Sunday morning free testing programme, Johnson said: “I want to make sure we have the ability to discover things and get back to them as quickly as we need to.”

He added: “We need sustainability, but we don’t need to continue, for example testing, we don’t need to continue spending £2bn a month, which is what we did in January.”

Asked how Covid would be detected without testing, the prime minister said: “We will test at a much lower level.”

He added that the number of cases is declining, along with hospital patients being treated for Covid and in intensive care units.

The prime minister was asked if he thought the British public would follow Covid rules again following allegations of quarantine-breaking parties on Downing Street.

“I will answer all this when the time comes on this issue,” he said. “But will people obey the rules, will people take care of themselves and other people?

Covid latest:

“Look at the evidence, look at what the British did.”

He said “everyone has collectively helped save many, many lives”, adding that while it is not yet the time to “totally throw caution to the wind … we need people to be a lot more confident and get back to work.”

The number of Covid cases is reported to be down by 25% compared to a week, while people over 75 and the most vulnerable should be offered a fourth shot within a few weeks.

There have been 34,377 positive tests in the last 24 hours, and the death rate is down 23% from last week to 128.

We need people to become more confident and get back to work

Boris Johnson

But Labor accused Johnson of trying to divert attention from Partygate, saying he was “declaring victory before the end of the war.”

Shadow health minister Wes Streeting likened the waiver of free tests to “winning 2-1 with 10 minutes left in the game and replacing your top defenseman”.

The British Medical Association also expressed dismay that the lifting of the Covid rules is “premature” and “not based on current data”.

Dr Chaand Nagpol, chairman of the BMA Board, told BBC News: “I think the right time is when the first leap of faith is supported.

The Prime Minister Has Announced That Covid Testing Will Be Carried Out At Much Lower Levels.


The Prime Minister has announced that Covid testing will be carried out at much lower levels.1 credit

“You have more people dying right now, more people in the hospital than there were before Plan B was introduced.”

Yesterday, Johnson said the British “need to learn to live with” Covid and added that the country had “built strong defenses” over the past two years.

Tomorrow, the prime minister is due to confirm that the legal obligation, introduced in 2020, requiring people who test positive to self-isolate, expires this week.

Authority to order nationwide restrictions will end and local governments will reportedly be given responsibility for managing regional outbreaks.

Around 85% of Britons have been double vaccinated and have also received 38 million booster shots.

This comes after Wales lifted several Covid restrictions on Friday, including a Covid pass requirement for cinemas, nightclubs and theatres.

From the 28th it will no longer be necessary to wear a mask in some public places in Wales.

Meanwhile, the Scottish government has extended its Covid mandate for another six months, with Deputy First Minister John Swinney insisting that “these basic measures need to be kept available while we review our current Covid response.”

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