September 22, 2021

Body Shop Advent Calendar 2021: What’s Inside and How Much.

I know i know We’re just scratching the gates of September and I’m already talking here. Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar. However, when they are as good as we have already said (read: View the awesome calendar. And Celt Beauty Advent Calendar), Who can blame me?

Sees the beginning of today. Body shop.The most anticipated beauty arrival calendar. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. More than one(!). Bigger than ever, one sees this year. All three Reusable and Durable Calendars filled with joy inspired by the act of selfless love shared by people around the world (holiday season and beyond). So while you are still attached to yourself. Summer clothes And Sandals, Not yet ready to change wear. Coat And Shoe up to the ankleYou will want to work faster in anticipation of winter because of these calendars. do not do that For a long time.

last year, Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar Reta retailed in the 70’s and includes some of the brand’s best-selling products. Nicaraguan quite intense awakening face mask., Famous Vitamin E moisturizer., And Chamomile soft eye makeup remover.. This year, everyone Three calendars There’s a lot of treats to get excited about – so you can guarantee that you’ll be offered something you’ve tried and already liked, as well as lots of new things. Things Think. Skin care, Hair Products, make up And more.

When can I buy a Body Shop Advent Calendar?

You can buy them. now And you’ll want to hurry up – they sell. There is also a calendar. Limited to one person (Which is fair the theme is about sharing love)

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How many body shop calendars are there? How much does a body shop calendar cost?

First Calendar – Share happiness – Offers 24 little things and sells at £ 55 but worth it. 77. The best treat for a loved one, or a gift to yourself (we won’t tell anyone, promise) is a calendar you can’t complain about.

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The second is called the calendar. Share love And it’s a little bigger to open 25 doors instead. Priced at 11 9,119, it retails for only £ 80, making it ideal for those looking for their #self-care routine without breaking the bank.

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Finally, the third and largest calendar – called. Share love and happiness. – Features 25 doors with full size hero products as well as some mini. Capable of 4 204, it sells for £ 140. An appropriate treatment, but worth it.

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What’s inside Body Shop’s Advent Calendars?

We won’t blame you if you want to leave it as a surprise (this is part of the fun of opening the door every day) but here is a complete list of what is included in each calendar:

Body shop. Share happiness Calendar allows you to immerse yourself in the option to change the tub. Bath bubbles, Brand new Body butter, Plus a couple Sheet mask Celebrate Christmas and New Year. We will definitely need all the people we have set up this season.

Inside out Share love You will find many sizes of products that are worth keeping in mind if you prefer more bangs for your money.

Share love and happiness. Is final Beauty This year’s arrival calendar, with head-to-toe treatment behind each of its 25 doors. What could be better than getting a new beauty product every day for a month? Absolutely

Even more after the beauty event calendar content? You can peek inside. Glossy Box Advent Calendar., Too, and join the waiting list.

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