September 21, 2021

Body linguist says Kate Middleton was ‘flirting’ with Prince William at Wimbledon

A bodybuilder analyzed the behavior of Prince William and “heartbreaker” Kate Middleton during a recent appearance at Wimbledon, and concluded that the couple now seemed more tied than ever.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge participated in the Wimbledon Women’s Singles Final on Saturday afternoon. They sat in the palace, passing pictures, looking relaxed as they chatted and laughed as they watched the game. According to body language expert Judy James, the royal couple, who celebrated a decade of their marriage in April this year, showed the strength of their relationship with their gestures.

Citing a photo of Kate being caught while her husband was watching her laughter, James said, “The common joke is obvious here, but it’s Kate’s ‘overkill’ reaction that shows. That she is using this laughter is a sign of some industrial power. “

“Kate’s reaction to William’s joke is to throw her head straight to laugh. This exaggerated response to what seems like an uncontrollable laugh is a very flattering gesture for the person telling the joke.” , ” amazing.

James commented on another photo, in which the Duke of Cambridge is seen applauding the players on the court, but his eyes are on his wife.

The body language expert explained, “His hands will be clapping to the players but his eyes are completely focused on his wife and his head is completely turned towards her and the angle of his shoulders is the desire for closeness. Indicates. “

William and Kate’s hints of love for each other come amid news that they are considering having another child. “Their kids really do their best,” said royal expert Dunn Larcombe. Okay fine! Magazine About the royal couple who have three parents, Prince George, Seven, Princess Charlotte, Six, and Prince Louis.

“With Kate, despite her royal responsibilities, her family is still number one,” Larcombe added.

Royal expert Katie Nicole also said that the Duchess of Cambridge had “kept no secret” that she would want another child, even though her husband was “satisfied” with all three.

Prince William, Kate Middleton visit Pakistan
Prince William, Kate Middleton
Photo: Poole / William West

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