September 22, 2021

Blink 182 singer Mark Hopps is battling stage 4 blood cancer

During a video chat with Chilean fans on Tuesday, Mark Hopps spoke openly about his cancer diagnosis.

“My blood is trying to kill me,” said the Blink-182 singer, as he revealed that his cancer was “not about bone, it’s about blood.” He told fans he was battling “spread large cell lymphoma” or stage 4-A of BLBCL.

“As I understand it, it has entered four different parts of my body. I don’t know to what extent they fix the four parts of it, but it has entered so many parts of my body. That I am stage 4., Which I think is the most. So, I’m Stage 4-A, “he shared in the video he posted Instagram.

According to Lymphoma Research Foundation, DLBCL is “the most common type of non-Hudgkin’s lymphoma” and features an aggressive NHL that affects B lymphocytes. “It can appear in one place or spread throughout the body. But it is often considered” potentially treatable. “