September 18, 2021

Blair Drummond Safari Park snatched the ‘British Zoo logo’ after investigating animal deaths.

The safari park has been banned from displaying logos to investigate animal deaths at one of Britain’s zoos.

Blair Drummond. Owners were asked to remove signs from the British and Irish Association of Zoo and Aquarium.

Animal deaths at Blair Drummond Safari Park have been investigated.


Animal deaths at Blair Drummond Safari Park have been investigated.Credit: Newsgroup Newspapers Limited

The attraction near Sterling now faces three years of “patronage”.

It has emerged in recent years after the deaths of lions, monkeys, lemurs, a deer and a zebra.

An insider said of the logo ax: “It is rare.

“Because these stories have come to light. They have been told to remove the Baiza mark until conditions improve.

“No Blair Drummond staff is allowed to hold positions on the Bayezid committees until their status changes.”

Lack of knowledge in certain areas, violation of law or fear of defamation may be guided.

If the standards are not met, the full membership of Park Visa may be terminated.

Inspectors were called after the animals died after escaping from the walls or being attacked by other beasts.

A spokesman for Beza said: “There is a list of Blair Drummond’s recommendations to get out of the consultation.

Safari Park said: “A strong investigation has found no concern for animal welfare and we are full members of Biza.

“We continue to benefit from partnerships with other top zoos and safari parks.”

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At Blair Drummond Safari Park, a Scottish boy went crazy while doing a POO on his car.

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