September 21, 2021

Blade threats against young Daniel girl sparked Glasgow ‘gangland’ to assassinate John McGregor, father of five

Last night, sources claimed that the blade threat on a young girl linked to the Daniel Crime mob sparked a fresh wave of gangland violence.

Underworld insiders have revealed how the child was targeted by rivals a few days ago. John McGregor., 44, was. Shot at close range.

The threat of a blade on a young girl sparked last week's shooting.


The threat of a blade on a young girl sparked last week’s shooting.Credit: Alan McGregor Ewing.
John McGregor was shot.


John McGregor was shot.

We told yesterday how the father of five. Died Saturday, Three days after the blast in Milton, Glasgow.

Sources claim the threat was the latest in a series of incidents – including a series of firebombs – that sparked last week’s deadly retaliation.

One said: “Little Lucy was threatened to meet her family members. It’s disgusting.

“And now someone has lost his life – it certainly won’t end the violence.

“It’s just going to get worse.”

We talked about how McGregor was. Playing pool with the Lions Crime Tribe members arrive when rival Daniel Hoods arrives.

He was shot at about 5.55pm on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses said the killer tried to shoot him again but his weapon was jammed.

Insiders also revealed that McGregor was not the target of the horror hit and was caught in crossfire.

The attacker is believed to have been an accomplice of 29-year-old Daniel Enforcer Kevin ‘Garbel’ Carroll, who was killed in 2010.

The masked men killed Carol with 13 bullets in 25 seconds as she sat behind a black Audi outside a busy Asda supermarket in Robertson, Glasgow – hitting her in the head, hands, jaw, chest and back.

Gunman Billy Petersen, 41 – part of the infamous Lyons Crime Gang – was convicted of murder in 2015 and sentenced to at least 22 years in prison.

Another source said: “McGregor died and he was not the target.

Get stuck in the middle

“He got stuck in the middle of it all because he tried to help someone else.

“The shooter was a close friend of Gerbal and he pulled McGregor out because he thought he was a threat.

“The shooting has left five children without their fathers and some very angry people are still looking for blood.

There will be more violence.

Glasgow shooting: The first photo of ‘Gangland’ victim John McGregor as a police victim, the killer gunman.

It was McGregor. Initially saved by doctors. He underwent open heart surgery on the street before being taken to hospital because frightened residents saw him.

A Voxal Carsa van that police believe may have been involved in the horrific crash was found burned in Cumberland about two hours later.

Police have launched an investigation into the murder and have appealed for information.

Detective Superintendent Raymond Brown said: “There were people on the street at the time of the attack, including young children.

“I would tell people to think about it if they are reluctant to come forward yet. We need your help to solve it.

“Any information, no matter how small, can be important.”

Lyons and Daniel Hood have been involved in the war on drugs for 20 years.

McGregor was not the target.


McGregor was not the target.
Police cordoned off the scene.


Police cordoned off the scene.Credit: Tom Farmer.
Amid fears of a shooting on Glasgow Street, a man was seriously injured when neighbors heard a “loud explosion” and police set up a lockdown.

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