Black Friday on its way to a truly dark day for Amazon – RT World News

Amazon employees prepare to disrupt operations at the world’s largest online retailer on Black Friday, with plans to strike in more than 30 countries.

The global workers’ coalition group dubbed ‘Make Amazon Pay’ aims to get the retail giant to raise wages, pay a fair share in taxes, and “reduce” their wages.impact on the planet“As the Strikers website outlines. Employees’ protests on November 26 are expected to affect Amazon’s warehouses, data centers, offices and affiliated factories in individual countries such as the US, Germany, India and South Africa.

In its list of demands, a wider group of 70 trade unions and groups such as Greenpeace and Oxfam claim that “The pandemic has exposed how Amazon puts benefits ahead of workers, society and our planet,“Summarize your complaints as follows:”Amazon takes too much and gives too little.,

The online retailer and its founder, Jeff Bezos, posted record revenue growth during the height of the pandemic, making Amazon a trillion-dollar company and skyrocketing Bezos’s net worth to $214 billion.

While the company’s rank and file workers say their lives are far less happy, grueling working hours, minor breaks, inadequate pay and unsafe working conditions are among the most voiced complaints. Over the past year, frustrated workers have staged several protests in various places, including a similar global strike action on Black Friday in 2020. On top of employee dissatisfaction, Amazon has also faced multiple antitrust investigations launched by regulators in the US, EU. and Canada.

Commenting on the ensuing attacks, Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Nantel stressed that the company “Perfect in any area, if you look objectively at what Amazon is doing in each of these areas, you’ll see that we take our role and our influence very seriously.,

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