October 18, 2021

Beyonc گیا was stunned by Jeff Bezos’ $ 500 million yacht in bright green.

Beyonc میں was stunned by the bright green mini dress as she celebrated the end of her virginity season.

Beyonc جس, who turned 40 on September 4, seems to be having the best time of her life because there are no restrictions on celebrating.

The Grammy winner shared interesting photos of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wearing shiny green mini dress with transparent heels on a M 500M yacht.

Queen B was stunned by the shiny green mini dress / Instagram.

Of single ladies The singer impressed her husband, JZ, by wearing a floral black button-down T-shirt in contrasting colors of red, green and blue, which paired the top with black pants, as shared on Thursday, September 23. Seen in snapshots.

Jeff Bezos on a زی 500 million yacht with his wife Beyonc جے in a JZ floral button-up T-shirt

On the same day, Beyoncئر shared a new post in which the photos were posted to her fans with her handwritten note. The note thanked the fans for their warm wishes for the birthday and said it was another year to get older. They will be old or unhappy. ”

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“As Virgo’s season draws to a close, I hope my partner Vargos had a great birthday,” he began the letter. “I am very grateful to every inspiring person who took the time to send me all the beautiful messages.”

Later, he added, “This is the first year that I understand what it means to live and live in this moment. This is the first time that I have understood how fragile life is, how difficult life can be. Can, and that’s why it’s important to stop and smell roses in good times.

Beyonc کے celebrates the end of Virgo’s season with her husband, Jay Z, on Jeff Bezos’ 500 million yacht

He added, “The wiser I get, the more I understand and my happiness increases.” “Freedom and freedom know that I have taken it to the other side of my sacrifice. I am finally allowing myself to enjoy the seeds that I have worked so hard to plant all my life. Beyonc کیا ended the letter with “deep”, “deep”, “deep” love, and even sketched a fly.

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