September 18, 2021

Beth McColl Mental Health columnist on the frustrations of the summer of 2021.

In its September episode. Monthly mental health column, Author and author, Beth McColl., Reflects the summer that never began. Beth is the author. ‘How to come back to life’ This is a reliable and honest practical guide for everyone with a mental illness. He’s also very, very funny on Twitter.

Example of Chelsea Hughes

I had high hopes. Summer 2021. I’m not sure why, being considered. Absolutely everything. But after more than a year of epidemic life and turning the lockdown on / off, I was ready for it. I wanted to stop taking a sip from this frozen cocktail of boredom, fear, loneliness and indifference and instead take a big gulp of some pretty delicious hope.

Hope, as a concept, can be difficult for the British people to wrap their heads around. If things go awry, we’re genetically programming to remind each other when it was even worse. And if things are good? Well, don’t get used to it. But I suppressed that instinct, stuck him in a pint glass with long legs like a father. Because despite this last terrible year – our fearless, false government, the cruel unpredictability of the British weather – I wanted to believe. I wanted to feel excited. I really wanted to have a great summer and I was ready for it.

And what happened? Is this f * ck? I don’t want to be ungrateful or very disappointed here, because some of it was really great, and there were individual days or weekends that were really, really amazing. But as an integrated seasonal unit? Don’t become. Get rid of. Set it on fire and send it into the sea, which may or may not already be on fire. The weather was terrible, the news was dark, Island of love All was well, the rules were confusing and everyone else was going back to their home. Isolated Every moment of the day. There was a lot of difficulty, which made it difficult to leave and really have fun. The desire for happiness was against the world scene. GriefProtests against disease and death, vaccinations and lockdowns began when restrictions were lifted and the harsh summer days continued after continuous rains and floods. It was like a normal summer warp version. Go to a. Music festival, But only if you have this long cotton bud stuck to your head. Go to your local location for a pint, but make sure you’ve booked 3 weeks in advance and you don’t dare accidentally try a drink at the bar. Take a Holiday abroad, But make the process as difficult as buying an armor on the Dark Web using only a Motorola Razr.

I wondered for a moment if I was alone in these feelings of despair, if perhaps I was just looking through the lens of my personal grief and struggle for the last few months. I lost my beloved grandmother. In July and then a short time later, I was thrown out by someone I thought had a friend who made me feel as precious as a pair of running shoes. But speaking to colleagues and strangers (both in the UK and abroad), I find it is not uncommon to feel that Summer 2021 has been completely washed away. Last year was what we had to look forward to, a shining light of good times. And good times have come, though nothing is guaranteed about them. Coming back to the world, it’s hard to ignore how far we’ve come from seeing the coward’s back in full, and being more social has forced many people to take a closer look at the emotional and mental stress. What we have been able to do in the last few years is to feel safe in public, trust future plans and manage your worries.

In the last one week I have tried to get myself out of the sadness and just enjoy the days to come, which has been great. But it is dangerous to find yourself suddenly in September. This month is before October, which is when. Halloween That is, in practice. ChristmasWhich means we’re literally already dead in the winter for which I’m not ready. I feel the need for more time before I get seasonal depression, 4pm sunset and two jumpers in bed. I’m not even ready to consider the possibility of further winter lockdowns. Like Summer 2021, Winter 2021 is likely to be happy, but it’s also likely to be taken away at a moment’s notice. ۔ I want to relax and look forward, but everything about the last two years tells me I shouldn’t do it, it’s just not safe.

I recently met a close friend in Hanoi, a city that has been in complete lockdown for months, unable to leave home for almost no reason other than housing and shopping for necessities. I immediately felt guilty about complaining about my summer in the UK. The last few months have been great for many of us, even if it all feels a little weird at the same time. We have seen friends and family once again, socializing freely in ways that many disabled people, people with disabilities and people living in other countries were unable to do. We also have access to a free and fast vaccination rollout, and I know that if nothing else, I should be truly grateful for that. But I also think it’s okay if this summer doesn’t go according to your dreams, if you’re angry or sad or angry. Let’s enjoy what’s left, whatever sunshine we see trapped in the late afternoon, whatever good hours or days are left. And hey, it’s always 2022.

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