September 18, 2021

Ben and Jerry’s host ‘Big Green Cabaret’ to celebrate the climate action.

If so, you’ll be ready for the ‘Big Green Cabaret’ event hosted by Ben & Jerry on September 26th.

Together with ‘Ice Cream Activists’ and Climate Action Charity, it is possible to present a show full of live entertainment and sweet treats.

Glasgow Times:

Held in St. Louis, the East End, this is the last stop on the Green Cabaret Tour, specially selected to draw attention to the city as it prepares to host COP26 in November.

Read more: Five Ice Cream Shops Drive From Glasgow | Glasgow Times.

Activist and creator Kaiza Rose will host a night on the theme of ‘Climate Justice’.

Organizers say: “Whether you’re a new climate worker or an experienced worker, our artists will make guests jump for joyful justice and raise their spoons for climate action!”

Click now for more information and to book your tickets. Here.

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