September 18, 2021

Below for the Pernoid Record Despite Epidemic Diseases – An Expat Guide to France.

French spirited group Pernaud Records said on Wednesday it had sold records in the United States and China as it announced annual results that showed it had almost overcome the epidemic.

Sales grew 4.5 percent in the fiscal year ended June 30, said the world’s number two beverage group – which includes Jameson Whiskey, Martial Kong and Mum Champagne – among its stable brands.

At 8.8 billion euros (4 10.4 billion), sales reached pre-crisis levels of 9.2 billion in 2018/2019, the company said, and left it behind if the currency exchange rate was excluded.

Net profit nearly quadrupled from the previous year to 1.3 billion euros, returning to the same level as 2018/2019.

Severe epidemic lockdowns in many countries from April to June last year damaged the sale of spirits in bars and restaurants, which was not compensated by the increase in household consumption.

Despite Delta’s diversification, forcing some nations to re-impose sanctions, the Pernaud Record says it has a good approach to business.

“We expect this good sales momentum to continue,” said CEO Alexander Record, referring to the company reaching pre-epidemic levels.

He added that sales in the July-September quarter were “very dynamic”.

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