Beauty fans rush to Aldi to get their latest beauty products, including duplicates for KKW Beauty.

FOR many, Aldi has become a go-to destination for cheaper imitations of big brands that won’t break the bank – and their latest collection has fans running to the store.

Among them was Emily Musson from Nottingham, who shared her findings on TikTok, where the treasure hunt garnered a total of 736,000 views.


Emily’s video has been liked almost 40,000 timesPhoto: TikTok/@emilie_musson/

The 24-year-old spoke about her favorite products, which included the already famous Lacura Vanilla Honey Bath Nectar (£5.99), a fake Laura Mercier product (£45), and Lacura Cleansing Balm (£7). ). ), which fans believe is a copy of the iconic Elemis Cleansing Balm (£44).

The Lacura line also released a replica of Better Than Sex mascara (£24) and another beauty guru favorite, Benefit’s They’re Real mascara (£24.50).

In the video, Emily also showed off Aldi’s new skincare products, the Lacura Super Booster Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Luxury Anti Aging Gift.


Other make-up knockoffs the customer was able to find involved the KKW Beauty Body Blur base – Aldi’s version, Glow Getter, costs £11.99 – and their tanning mitts as well as setting spray.

A fan believed it was supposed to be a copy of Urban Decay’s cult album All Nighter, which is priced at £27.

Fans of the brand took it up in the comments where they shared their thoughts, with one reading: “The problem with buying and falling in love with them is that you can’t get them again!”

“Just took a vanilla honey bath, it’s lush love, the little wooden honey spoon you get too, all my stuff is from aldi,” added a second user.

“The fixing spray is really good.” The third couldn’t understand how great the deception was.

Someone else reminded: “Defoe stock up, because they don’t make it all year round!”

However, despite the positive reviews, there were also a few critics, such as this one: “Just because something has similar packaging doesn’t mean it’s a good replacement.”

Another said: “The Aldi next to me is such rubbish, they never had any of that.”

In other shopping news, ALDI fans are going crazy over the new Jo Malone perfume replicas for just £6.99.

In addition, New Look is launching a new denim collection led by Saffron Baker.

In addition, the Gymshark x KK Fit collection is now available for purchase – here’s what we love.

The Brand Also Keeps Several Duplicates For Kkw Beauty Products.


The brand also keeps several duplicates for KKW Beauty products.Photo: TikTok/@emilie_musson/
Some Viewers Claimed That The Blush Was A Great Cheat For Nars.


Some viewers claimed that the blush was a great cheat for NARS.Photo: TikTok/@emilie_musson/
The Fixative Spray Retails For £3.99.


The fixative spray retails for £3.99.Photo: TikTok/@emilie_musson/

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