September 23, 2021

Beauty Bay X Disney Makeup Collaboration Special: What to Shop

If you are a shiny one, we will be very confident in handling two things. 1) You Love make up. Live for it He is obsessed. Proud owner of luggage rims. Number two? You are – in some capacity – a Disney Fan

With that in mind, your dream brand is likely to be Koulib … let’s say … Disney itself with fingers on a colorful cosmetics plus between a beauty retailer. Y’know – Alice in Wonderland / Dumbo / Jungle book-inspired collection. Eye shadow pellets, Lip color and cheek color that are guaranteed to brighten the back of your work. Make up bag And we’ll see you on the way to winter. Probably.

Quite fun Beauty Bay. – MUA-loving stockist of over 200 brands and 7,000 (!) Products – has released it in conjunction with none other than Disney: a collection of 12 pieces that take on the Pantone color Straight Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, Dumbo and Pinocchio from the famous Disney classics and transfers them to your beauty wardrobe. EPIC

ICYMI, Disney Color – a collection of artists from the Walt Disney Ink & Paint Department – has spent the last 80 years creating brilliant colors that bring Disney stories to life that are not available anywhere else. Yes: Disney has over 4000 colors. Strictly owned Through Disney, and they are an integral part of Disney’s visual heritage. This is the first time you can shop. New beauty products Who use these exact – very beautiful – colors.

Specially selected from Disney’s Color Library, which began in the 1930’s, all the colors of this new make-up line are referenced with a name and number, and are exactly the same Pantone shades as the original movies.

The special release includes Mini Eye Shadow Palettes, Shadow Sticks as well as Lip and Cheek Colors, which bring the colors of our lovely stories to life for the first time in a beautiful Disney color. And you can buy everything. September 8. PSA: Download the Beauty Bay app and you’ll get 24-hour early access from September 7th. You know what to do.

Download the app.

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