September 20, 2021

Bayern Munich, who are defending Barcelona with cash, are buying

FC Barcelona are eager to offload more players this summer, but the plan is moving very slowly. German Bundesliga’s Bayern Munich have now joined the fray, and Barcelona’s line-up this summer could help pick at least one valuable player.

The Catalans are in the grip of a massive financial crisis and have put a large number of players up for sale. Three of the seniors on the right are Server Gino Dust, Emerson and Sergei Roberto. The departure of any of these players can help raise funds, so Barcelona will probably enjoy it. Bayern Munich want to strengthen their defense, and accordingly Brand, They have inquired about the fees of the players.

Dust tops the list of Germans because he was already with the club before finally moving to Camp Nou. However, both Emerson and Sergei Roberto are good options. The problem is, all three players are believed to be determined to stay at Camp Nou and secure a permanent place on Ronald Koeman’s side.

Barcelona hope to drop Samuel Eto’o and Clement Langlett instead of the three Bayern goals, but at the moment, they may be disappointed. The Catalans are still a long way off when it comes to meeting the rules of the Liga Santander Financial Festival.

Although some franchise players have been sold, sales have not yet been completed. This means that the club will not be able to deduct a large amount from their wage bill for next season.

To make matters worse, they have already successfully signed four players this summer. Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Emerson have all been acquired, but they are still bound. La Liga will not allow these players to register unless the club frees a place in the pay cap.

In addition, Lionel Messi’s new contract will not be ratified if he cannot be included in the massively reduced salary. Similarly, interest in Bavaria is very welcome at this point.

Ronald Koman
Barcelona manager Ronald applied to the main AFP / Josep

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