September 17, 2021

Barcelona’s co-captains are close to finalizing pay cuts.

FC Barcelona is gaining a solid footing in its mission to reduce its extra pay bill this season. After failing to offload most of its earners, the club has changed its strategy and is asking players to agree to pay cuts.

Recent reports suggest that the club is close to finalizing revised deals with the four co-captains. Earlier this month, Gerard Pack led the way by accepting pay cuts ahead of the season’s opening match. Jordi Alba followed suit over the weekend, and it is now thought that the Barcelona administration is in talks with representatives of both Sergio Biscuits and Sergei Roberto. Jose Maria Orbiting is the agent in charge of both players, and the club wants to kill two birds with one stone while offering a new contract for the couple.

The players are well aware of the club’s financial situation, but they can guarantee their long-term future if they agree to an extension despite low pay packages.

According to Brand, Barcelona and the players’ agent are happy with what has already been discussed, and everything will be finalized before the end of the month. Biscuits will reportedly face a pay cut of at least 25 per cent, as well as further amendments to the terms of its current contract.

Meanwhile, Sergei Roberto’s current contract expires at the end of the season. This gives Barcelona the added benefit of offering a lower pay package in exchange for an extension. This would be a good deal for the Spaniards, who were thought to be on sale early in the summer. However, none of the offers meet Barcelona’s price. Although some clubs can offer a good salary package, many will not be able to challenge for trophies like Barcelona.

Once the four captains reach an agreement with the club, Barcelona will start proposing pay cuts to their other top earners as well. Antonin Griezmann is thought to be at the top of the list, as he is currently the club’s highest paid player.

Sergio Biscuits
Barcelona midfielder Sergio Biscuits AFP / Gabriel Boys.

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