October 21, 2021

Barcelona’s biggest summer transfer could have been avoided, financial problems just an excuse.

Javier Tebas has acquitted La Liga of any charges following Lionel Messi’s shock departure from Barcelona. The Spanish league president made it clear that the Argentine superstar’s exit was not a financial decision, but also indicated that his contract was linked to a failed deal with La Liga investment firm CVC.

Barcelona is in dire financial straits and has had to reduce its wage bill to meet La Liga finances. Many of the stars of the first team were placed on the transfer table, but the club failed to sell enough players, which prevented them from re-signing Messi to a new long-term contract.

The president of the Catalan organization, Juan Laporta, has accused La Liga of failing to sign a new contract with the club’s talisman. However, Tebas has denied the allegations and believes the truth will come out one day, while also making it clear. Barcelona could have certainly avoided Messi’s departure.

“It wasn’t a financial decision. I know for sure,” Tabas said during one. Exclusive interview with Spanish publication Sport.

“If Liporta had shaken hands with Messi on a deal, it was because he had accepted CVC’s offer for a month. He had been in favor of it for more than a month. Accelerate the operation with because Macy was nervous.

Tebas also blamed Barcelona’s inclusion in the Super League for withdrawing from the CVC deal. The investment company was willing to invest a large portion of the money in the Spanish league, which would benefit all clubs, in terms of compensating for the losses caused by the ongoing Corona virus epidemic.

“The club was happy with the deal for several weeks and then everything changed in the last 72 hours. It was a decision that was inspired by (Barca’s CEO) Ferran Reuter and I think it Is affiliated with the League. “

Javier Tebas
Javier Thebes, president of La Liga.
Pierre-Philippe Marco / AFP

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