September 17, 2021

Barcelona want to sign a .8 33.8million midfielder, but financial problems have kept the deal.

Barcelona are facing a losing battle with midfielder Renato Sanchez as they struggle to reduce the club’s wage bill and bring in more revenue. The club is currently trying to offload several first-team stars, but is also determined to strengthen its squad before next season.

Ronald Koeman wants to add a midfielder to his squad. Sanchez has caught the Dutch manager’s choice.. Portugal International was impressed with the European Championship this summer, and attracted the attention of several clubs across Europe.

According to Mundo Deportivo.However, Barcelona are facing a losing battle in the Sanchez race due to their poor financial health. They will not be able to raise more unless they drastically reduce their current wage bill, which is proving to be a difficult task for most clubs across Europe.

Catalan club Lille are in danger of losing to midfielder Liverpool, who are said to be ready to offer to move the former Bayern Munich player to Anfield. The Reds are looking for a replacement for Giorgione Vijnaldum, who joined Paris Saint-Germain and believe Sanchez can fit Dutchman’s shoes.

After losing to Wendellum, Cuomo is also eager to sign the midfielder, who has talked to Barcelona at the last minute before choosing PSG. La Liga giants hired La Masia graduate Alex Moreba to provide the cover, But the club is in danger of losing it. When he did not agree to a new agreement.

Moriba’s contract expires in 2022, and if the club fails to agree on an extension in the coming weeks, the club will try to offload him. The double failure has seen Barcelona look to other players to fill the midfield gap and Sanchez is a key target for Cumen.

Lilly is set to sell the midfielder this summer but wants interested clubs to cover their value of 40 million euros (.8 33.8 million). Liverpool are ready to negotiate with the Lego 1 club, but are expected to make an offer only if they can persuade Lille to reduce their bid.

Renato Sanchez.
Snatched away for success: Lilly’s Renato Sanchez (# 18) celebrates his winner.

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