September 19, 2021

Barcelona want ‘flexibility’ from La Liga so that they can re-sign Messi.

FC Barcelona are busy signing players this summer, despite the fact that they already exceed La Liga Santander’s allowed salary. During Emerson Royal’s presentation at Camp Nou earlier this week, club president Juan Laporta said La Liga should be more flexible to allow him to re-sign Lionel Messi before the summer transfer window closes. Go

La Liga’s financial fair play regulations determine how much a club can spend per season based on the revenue they can bring. Their income increases further.

As it stands, they need to deduct about 200 million euros from their wage bill to register four new signatures, namely Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia, Memphis Depp and Emerson. Note that once those players are registered, the club still needs to make more room in the pay cap to accommodate Lionel Messi, even if Argentina allegedly agreed to a 50% pay cut.

Lipporta has assured the public that there will be no problem when it comes to the players they have already signed. “All the players we are signing under the Financial Fair Play parameters can be registered,” Lipporta said during Emerson’s presentation. Brand

He then coincidentally mentioned that La Liga should follow the example of other leagues, claiming that others have made adjustments to the financial rules to help the teams. “If possible, we want more flexibility from La Liga, as other leagues across the continent have done for teams. Then, we can sign some more players,” he said.