October 17, 2021

Barcelona unite to focus on upcoming El Clیکsico

To the amazement of football fans around the world, FC Barcelona president Juan Laporta did not fire the first team manager Ronald Koeman. Instead, the couple called for a ceasefire to prepare the squad for the upcoming “El Clیکsico”, where they will face Real Madrid at the end of the month.

Everyone expected Cuiman to be fired shortly after La Liga champions Atletico Madrid beat Blograna 2-0 on Saturday. Queens had to watch the painful game unfold in the stands after lifting the two-game ban last week.

The headlines were speculating about Cuman’s dismissal and possible replacement, especially after Barcelona lost the match against Atletico. However, a seemingly heartbreaking or perhaps a delaying tactic while the club is looking for an alternative, Lipporta has now decided to let the Dutch manager stay for at least the future.

Both Coeman and Lipporta were urging fans to be patient, and also stressed how much help the players need in this difficult time. Coeman also pointed to the club’s injury crisis that is preventing him from releasing the squad’s true potential.