September 23, 2021

Barcelona told Cuomo how to sign further, rejecting the midfielder’s offer.

Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman has been told in uncertain terms that he will not be allowed to add to the squad this summer. The club’s focus will be on removing unwanted first-team stars and only if they manage to get a high transfer fee will the club consider investing in new talent.

The Catalan club have so far signed Memphis DePay, Sergio Aguero, Eric Garcia and Emerson Royal. The former three arrived on free transfer, while Barcelona later arrived after activating their buyback clause with Real Betis.

Barcelona’s financial situation is so precarious that the club has not yet been able to register DP, Aguero and Garcia in La Liga. Royal is the only player to be eligible to represent the club when the club receives Real Sociedad at Camp Nou on Sunday.

According to the Spanish publication Sport.Coeman contacted the club’s director of football, Matthew Al-Yamani, earlier this week to discuss further signings. The Dutch manager wants to sign a new midfielder after losing to free agent Giorgione Vijnaldum, and a new forward after it was revealed that Aguero will be out for 10 weeks.

Barcelona have made several first-team stars available for transfer, but are struggling to generate interest. Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Amethi, Neto, Martin Braithwaite and Meralem Pjunk are for sale, but not much interest.

Pejnik is the only one who looks close to leaving, with Juventus looking to sign the Bosnian midfielder. Meanwhile, the report claims that Coeman’s chances of advancing this summer will depend on the future of Braithwaite.

If the Danish striker is offloaded for a substantial transfer fee, he could be offered a replacement to provide cover in Aguirre’s absence. Braithwaite has taken an interest in West Ham United in England.But Forward is waiting to see if there are better offers from clubs that compete more in their respective leagues.

Ronald Koeman.
Ronald Koeman returned to the club that helped him win the European Cup in 1992.
Joseph Lago / AFP

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