September 20, 2021

Barcelona successfully sent .7 25.7 million defenders.

FC Barcelona may fail to re-sign Lionel Messi this summer, but they are determined to find ways to reduce their wages and raise funds. With just a few hours left in the transfer window, it has been confirmed that Blograna has accepted an offer of پانچ 25 million (30 30 million or .7 25.7 million) in bonuses in addition to 25 25 million for Emerson Royal.

The Brazilian international arrived at Camp Nou earlier this summer, when Barcelona exercised their right to withdraw from the co-ownership deal. The right wing, however, barely reached an agreement with the Catalan giants before sending them to the Premier League to join Spurs.

Arsenal had previously offered 10 million euros in cash deals in addition to one player, including Hector Ballerin, but Barcelona turned down the offer throughout the summer after making it clear that they would not accept the offer. If they do not match the price, they do not intend to leave any player.

Barcelona could be trapped for cash, but instead of selling cheaply, they stopped players like Antoine Griezmann. After failing to offload their earners, they are now. Glad to accept Spurs’ offer. For Emerson, at least at the cost of his player.