September 17, 2021

Barcelona successfully reduced the 14 5,145 million bill at the cost of the roster.

FC Barcelona have managed to alleviate their financial woes, at least when it comes to their wage bill for the 2021/22 season. After several moments of deliberation in the last hours of the transfer window, he was able to successfully shave off his wage bill of 145 million euros (124.5 million pounds).

Savings has helped the club register all of its players for the season, but it hasn’t come without big losses. First, the players were not offloaded so quickly that the club had the opportunity to balance their books to finalize an extension of their contract with Lionel Messi.

Argentina was forced to move on, and was picked up by Paris Saint-Germain a few days after Barcelona’s official announcement.

In addition to Messi’s departure, club president Juan Laporta was forced to make several other tough decisions. First, the club’s four captains were approached about accepting pay cuts. Although everyone has openly accepted pay cuts, there is no doubt that pay cuts are not the best way to motivate players.

Following the pay cut, Blograna went for a handful of last-minute moves, including the expulsion of the highest-paid Antonin Griezmann. The Frenchman was sent on loan to his former club Atletico Madrid, and will be available to help him retain his La Liga title.

Emerson was also sold to Royal and Jr. Farpo, leaving Barcelona with little talent on the roster.

Luke de Jong and Memphis Depp Messi and Griezmann came to replace the attacking duo and while they are good players, they are certainly not of the same standard.

The rest of the squad is made up of players who fit comfortably within the pay range, with little respect for the players Ronald Koeman will really need. In other words, savings were given priority over the needs of the actual players.

Koeman now has a hard time getting things done, and continues to challenge for trophies despite a massively revised squad. According to BrandThe club has slashed its wage bill by about 30 per cent, which should at least help them get back on track.

Anthony Griezmann
Antonio Griezmann celebrates with Lionel Messi after scoring a thrilling chip against Villarreal on Sunday.
Jose Jordan / AFP

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