September 22, 2021

Barcelona sell Antonio Griezmann to Atletico Madrid for 34 34 million transfer … نقصان 73 million loss in two years

Atletico Madrid have announced the signing of Antonio Griezmann on a season-long loan from Barcelona.

The deal includes an option to buy the 30-year-old Frenchman for 40 million euros, or about 34 43.44 million.

Antonio Griezmann has returned to Atletico Madrid.


Antonio Griezmann has returned to Atletico Madrid.Credit: EPA

Atletico just wrote on its website: “Griezmann is back!”

Barcelona wrote: “FC Barcelona would like to thank Antonio Griezmann for his commitment and dedication and best wishes for his future.”

Equipped with cash, Barca are now set to replace Sevilla striker and former Newcastle flop Luke de Jong, 31, with nine camps to replace the French World Cup winner.

The Catalans bought Griezmann from Italy for 10 107 million just two years ago – meaning they would swallow one. £ 73 million. Loss of contract

But Barcelona were anxious to offload Griezmann, the club’s highest earner since the exit of Lionel Messi, who reported a salary of more than 500 500k a week.

They are currently gone. £ 1 billion. In debt, the Corona virus epidemic struck after years of spending.

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It is understood that Griezmann’s initial transfer in 2019 was funded by a قرض 30 million bank loan, with the rest secured against future income – which never materialized after the global epidemic.

Barclays fans will be disappointed with Griezmann’s departure, wondering why he was not soon offloaded to pay for Messi’s new contract.

The Argentine star was forced to leave the nine camps and join Paris Saint-Germain because Barca could not afford a second contract.

Griezmann’s departure means he, Messi and Luis Suarez all left the club last year.

Griezmann will now rejoin Suarez in defense of the Ligue 1 champions Italy.

Griezmann has scored just 22 goals in 74 La Liga appearances for Barcelona, ​​less than 5 5m per goal.

Forward enjoyed more than five years of magic at Atletico before leaving in July 2019, scoring 94 goals in 180 La Liga.


During his first season in Madrid, Griezmann won both the Spanish Super Cup in 2014 and the Europa League and UEFA Super Cup four years later.

He was also named La Liga Player of the Year in 2015-16, in which Atletico lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Sergio Aguero will be available in Barcelona at least soon as he has finally been able to register the former Manchester City striker following pay cuts for Sergio Biscuits and Jordi Alba.

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Anton Griezmann denounced the fans who blamed him for leaving Lionel Messi.

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